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cryptocurrency centralization blockchain

Are Governments Right by Trying to Regulate Cryptocurrencies?

Governments throughout the world have had strong handed approaches at attempting to stop initial coin offerings or ICOs. The CEO of blockchain firm Ripple...
stock market crash cryptocurrency

Price Analysis of Top Cryptocurrencies

The top two cryptocurrencies in the market rated by market capitalization or market cap, are reaching a critical point in their lifespan. Over the...
cryptocurrency centralization blockchain

Making Cryptocurrencies Centralized is Easier Said Than Done

Sweden has become the largest example of a government that is doing away with physical cash. The number of banknotes they have in circulation...
should i buy bitcoin

Are Cryptocurrencies The Future Even With Their Shadowy Past?

Can Cryptocurrencies be the Future With its Sketchy Past? Throughout the world is a constant threat of malicious software and virus’s taking over computers for...
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Are Cryptocurrencies Ready For The bears?

The Bears Are Targeting Cyrptocurrencies At the height of the South Sea Bubble close to 300 years ago, a wag famously made fun of the...
alt coin cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and Price Action

Price Evaluation of the Top Cryptocurrencies The looming threat of violence between North Korea and the US has helped to shock many investors into putting...

How Do These Cryptocurrencies Stack Up?

Ranking the Performance of the Largest Cryptocurrencies In the stock market, there are currently several sectors that are doing better than others as usual. Markets...
cryptocurrency stocks

Cryptocurrencies Surpass Bitcoin Run

Bitcoin Slowing Down as Other Cryptocurrencies Rise Up Up until this point in time, cryptocurrencies have not been used at the classic Mom and Pop...

How Do Top Cryptocurrencies Rank?

Price Evaluation of the Top Cryptocurrencies The looming threat of violence between North Korea and the US has helped to shock many investors into putting...
initial coin offering ico cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies Are Attracting New Investors

Investing in Cryptocurrencies With the invention of Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies, investments have been reaching into the millions. Bitcoin has been described by some...

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stock market crash cryptocurrency

What’s the Big Deal With Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

The market on cryptocurrency has grown drastically over the past year with a market capitalization or market cap topping $180 billion overall. Investors in...
cryptocurrency price comeback

Cryptocurrency Comes Back After Sunday Price Drop

The markets on cryptocurrency have begun to bounce back after their Sunday price pullback. The pullback is said to be fueled by the recent...
bitcoin stocks to buy

How Some Investors are Using Bitcoin to Invest in Real Estate

Bitcoin may already be involved in several areas across the service industry, but as of shortly, it will be involved in the real estate...