The Chinese firm Bitmain that majors in creating ASIC chip used in mining cryptocurrency have recently publicized opening of a new repair center in Russia.

This development was a much-expected move because Russia is one of the homes to the largest community of miners across the world. Most of these miners use Bitmain’s chips thus allowing the Russian companies to have their mining rigs mended by reliable and trustworthy hands instead of local solutions like they used to do previously.

Before, repairing any damaged chip was met with a lot of challenges. It meant sending the spoilt chip all the way to China for it to be fixed. They had to pay for the customs on both sides then pay hefty bills for shipment. Another challenge was that they were risking damage to the product in the process of shipping.

With the newly established center in Russia, miners, as well as mining companies, do not have to worry about repairing their damaged products. They can access the center in Irkutsk, a city in Siberia.

All the damaged products can now be sent to the center as well as the unrepairable products which will be replaced by new products, as long as they have a valid warranty.

How is it done?

Before sending the items for repair, customers must fill out a form which is available on the company’s website. They will then get clearance from Bitmain agents. The customers are requested to create a repair ticket by signing into the account.

To create a repair ticket, first, the customer has to set up an account, log in that account, then navigate to Support to ‘Create Repair Ticket.’

Bitmain requires the customer to send S9, T9, T9+ and R4 models fully assembled, that’s if they are manufactured after October 2016.

Bitmain also operates two other repair centers: one in Hong Kong, for global clients coming from all parts of the world, and another in California, for the US customers.

The Russian based repair center is the third started by the company. ASIC’s chip business is a fast-growing business, and Bitmain is also among the top mining companies in of the world. The company has their facilities for crypto mining set up in and around China.


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