BitGoals, which is built using blockchain, is all set to offer rich dividends to the users as well as the sports industry. The entry of BitGoals is at the right time for the launch of FIFA world cup in 2018 in Russia. It is using the blockchain technology to ensure guaranteed rewards in Sports. It also helps to unlock the potential of smart contracts and at the same time realign with sports market worldwide through autonomous and trustworthy transactions.

BitGoals is actually a sports blockchain for a layman. It is the worldwide sports platform to offer rewards for sports activities using one cryptocurrency.

Features of BitGoals for the users

  • It allows participation in the draw games with a simple registration process. The smart contract system used in the platform eliminates the fraud.
  • Another advantage is that it allows users to wager with unlimited funds because BitGoals is a decentralized system. Therefore, the players can earn maximum returns through wagering with higher amounts.
  • It facilitates faster payouts for the players. Therefore, players can withdraw funds to meet the urgent needs in shortest possible time. It is up to the players how to use the reward since there is no necessity for the payment cards or a billing system.
  • It ensures security and anonymity. The system collects a very small amount of data from the token holders because of the use of smart contracts.

The BitGoals uses Sports Token Protocol (STP) at the forefront to allow the organizations and the players to choose the games of their choice for play. Therefore, the players can wager on a sportsbook or start playing the lottery.

The players can get the STP tokens as contributions increase. The users can swap the 0.6 STP for BCH, BTC or ETH. In addition, it also allows issuing the 0.4 STP and allocates to the founders. It also allows offering incentives to the teams as well as the initial bankroll fund.

Brief Information about BitGoals

BitGoals is a service provider and licensed producer of games. It has hands-on experience to excel in the betting domain and sports gaming. Its strengths include expertize, necessary IT infrastructure, the developmental and management teams to complete the assigned projects.

It uses the blockchain based protocols to incentivize the players and the sports industry as well.


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