The Commonalities Between Cybersecurity and Blockchain

The emerging use of blockchain technology has helped to redefine cybersecurity. Blockchain technology start-ups have helped to provide a basis for securing massive amounts of data in uses such as private messaging, business and as well as popular user websites and their respective applications.

Blockchain is a technology that is new to the scene which was helped to be popularized by its first successful use; that being Bitcoin. Due to its unique uses, it has helped multiple start-ups get off the ground and has given a new layer to cybersecurity that has endless uses.

Blockchain is essentially a technology that uses encryption on all actions performed within a file or object that enters that information directly into the code within he file. Since it is within the file, the encryption cannot be removed, changed, or gotten rid of. This makes the file completely transparent since it holds all the data necessary. Blockchain ensures that data security is at an all time high and brings with it new opportunities and uses as well. Many industries have long waited for a technology that can work as well as blockchain does, and it has finally arrived.

One of the main components of blockchain is its use in private messaging security. With startups like Obsidian, the world of private messaging has been revolutionized as they no longer have data that goes solely from one place to another. With that method, the identities are easily traceable and the messages are never fully secure.

These new blockchain messaging apps can also be used to securely send money. With the security of the metadata not just being in one place, those using it can be sure that their messages and payments are completely private and cannot be easily hacked into like traditional messengers such as Facebook or Whatsapp.



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