cryptocurrency bubble

Who Said Cryptocurrency Is Stalling?

While Some Fear Downturn, Others Say Cryptocurrency Is Beginning To Mature With the cryptocurrency market cap soaring over the one hundred and fifty billion dollar mark, this eight hundred percent...

The New Market: Cryptocurrency

The Know How’s of Cryptocurrency After the financial crisis of 2008, the crumbling markets resulted in the creation of what would become cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper describing what...
bitcoin mining japan

Cryptocurrency Mining In Japan Is Heating Up

Race Of Cryptocurrency Mining Is On! Even with what is going on in China, Japan has taken a different angle on cryptocurrency. In fact, the country has put into place,...
mayweather cryptocurrency

So About That Mayweather ICO

So we're hearing a lot of noise about cryptocurrency initial coin offerings (ICOs). But with so much new flow, can the supply support the demand?  In recent news, boxing...
cryptocurrency to cash

How To Turn Cryptocurrency Into Cash

Cryptocurrency Is Only As Useful As The Stuff It Can Get You In this article, we’re going to explain the connection with crypto coin and US currency. First off, the...

Bitcoin Retirement Fund?

Retirement Fund Provider Of Bitcoin Adds Ripple Did you know that there’s something called BitcoinIRA? Well, if this is the first time you’re hearing of it, you are probably not...
bitcoin grass roots

The OG’s Of Bitcoin Gather Together

Bitcoin & A Grass Roots Event You can imagine that for those not in “the know,” the idea of bitcoin is new. This peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is deregulated and at best...

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Enters Cryptocurrency Arena

Floyd Mayweather Ready To Conquer Cryptocurrency So, after winning the fight Saturday night, Money Mayweather already has his eyes on another opportunity. Mayweather has now entered into initial coin offerings...

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Puerto Rico Appeals To Blockchain Industry To Fund Its Comeback

About six months after Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico, a bunch of crypto enthusiasts have inclined upon San Juan for a sequence of blockchain...

Cryptohedge Fund To Do Well Despite Bitcoin’s Fall Out

Despite the fall of Bitcoin’s price this year, one of the hedge fund managers holding the cryptocurrency stated that even if the coin flops the way...

Chubu Electric Power Co Tests Bitcoin On Lightening

Chubu Electric Power Co, which happens to be the third-largest electricity provider in Japan, is clearly coming out as one of the first top...

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