Top Cryptocurrency Trends & Articles – January 5, 2018

Is North Korea Entering the Cryptocurrency World? North Korea has recently sponsored a hacking group known as the Lazarus group, which is going beyond the popular ransomware attacks aimed at...
cryptocurrency pirate showtime

How Law Enforcement is Cracking Down on Crypto-Criminals

Cryptocurrency has become one of the largest growing markets over the course of the past year or so. With many investors entering the space due to media coverage or...
bitcoin stocks

How Cryptocurrency is Still Competing With PayPal

Given the incredible boom that cryptocurrency has seen within the past several years, PayPal has managed to continue its strong growth as well. While you may be asking what...
bitcoin rollercoaster

Why Cryptocurrency Prices Plunged Last Week

The world of cryptocurrency has been incredibly fruitful for those who got in early. With investments reaching into the gains of hundreds or even thousands of percents, crashes...
bitcoin price drop

Why Investing in Cryptocurrency Related Stocks Could be a Bad Idea

The financial regulator known as FINRA, which provides testing and licensing for registered brokers. The organization recently put out a statement warning investors who want to get into...
bitcoin future

What Will Happen to Cryptocurrency During 2018?

Cryptocurrency has seen a tremendous rise in price and popularity over the course of 2017, with coins rising in the thousands of percents. With these meteoric rises occurring,...
bitcoin speculation

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Reaches New High

For the first time in the industries history, cryptocurrency’s market capitalization hit as high as $600 billion on Monday, December 18th. Data from the popular market research website
neo cryptocurrency ICO

Watch Out Ethereum, There’s A New ICO Sheriff In Town

No matter what your stance is on initial coin offerings (ICOs), there’s no doubt that there will be more coming. But where many were and are built using the...
bitcoin real estate

Bitcoin Hits The Real Estate Market

If the world of bitcoin and the price of bitcoin wasn’t gaining enough attention, this should spark even more intrigue. There’s now a penthouse listing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay...
blockchain insurance

Can Blockchain Survive if Cryptocurrency Doesn’t?

The future of money seems to be in the hands of decentralization as many think but is that truly the case. With bitcoin being created by the whitepaper published...

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Police In London To Receive Cryptocurrency Training To Help Deal With Money Laundering

The passage of time is witnessing cryptocurrencies gain much it terms of popularity. However, it is expected that this boom might be pulling along...

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Cloud Services Now Accessible To All Interested Parties

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) since its establishment has always made the interests of its customers a major priority. The early adopters of this company’s Blockchain...

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Launches Its Blockchain Cloud Service For Companies

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) has launched its blockchain cloud service for the companies recently. It is one of the largest blockchain services for enterprises released...

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