cryptocurrency stocks

Cryptocurrency Market May Have Strong Ties with Tech Companies

Tech Stocks & Their Relationship With Cryptocurrency Two of the best performing stocks of the year have been Nvidia and AMD which have strong ties to cryptocurrency. Many are predicting...
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Are Cryptocurrencies Ready For The bears?

The Bears Are Targeting Cyrptocurrencies At the height of the South Sea Bubble close to 300 years ago, a wag famously made fun of the craze by issuing a prospectus...
bitcoin russia

Cryptocurrency And Russia; Where Do They Stand?

Russia Still Unsure Of Cryptocurrency The central bank of Russia is still hesitant when it comes to cryptocurrency and the involvement of bitcoin and other crypto coin trading markets. This...
cryptocurrency market cap

Cryptocurrency Market Holds Bullish Trend

Cryptocurrency Market is Reaching New High’s Everyday Cryptocurrencies have been the hottest commodity in recent times with the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies continuing to grow exponentially. Recently, the...
cryptocurrency to buy

Do You Know This About Cryptocurrency?

The Time to Invest in Cryptocurrency is Now With the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrency combined over $170 billion, is now the time to invest? The market cap represents over...
cryptocurrency securities and exchange commission

Cryptocurrency Market Gets Attention From SEC

Spokesperson Says Malicious ICOs Are Like Roaches There’s no question about it that the recent surge in attention surrounding the cryptocurrency market has been good overall. The idea and focus...
litecoin bitcoin cryptocurrency

Litecoin Tries To Test All-Time Highs

Litecoin Cryptocurrency Moves Higher Again But Is $100 Too High? Litecoin prices surged once again today, September 6, 2017. The price compared to the United States dollar was over $90...
bitcoin fork

How Do Cryptocurrency Exchanges Make Money?

Do Cryptocurrency Exchanges Profit From ICO’s? A new cryptocurrency called bitcoin cash recently appeared on the market this summer and as we know, it’s not always easy being “the new...
alt coin cryptocurrency

Are Alt Coins Easy To Sell?

The Ability To Easily Sell Alt Coins One of the biggest problems in the cryptocurrency word is liquidity. Because of liquidity concerns people are hesitant in calling any digital coin...
litecoin gains

News Of Litecoin Getting A Boost

Good News For Litecoin Owners Litecoin owners are happy right now because the cryptocurrency hit a new record high of $64.20. That equates to a rally of one thousand four...

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Is the ICO Cryptocurrency Craze Over?

The cryptocurrency world has been quite crazy over the course of the past year or so with many individuals getting in solely to make...
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What Experts Are Saying About Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has stirred up a large amount of emotion in the market as a massive selloff has caused many to rethink their positions in...
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Coin Stocks & Cryptocurrency Newsletter – February 16, 2018

Bitcoin’s Correlation With Wall Street Continues to Prove Itself It is extremely clear that there is a high level of correlation between bitcoin and the...

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