bitcoin future

Bitcoin Sees Major Price Correction

The most recent cryptocurrency crash has been cause for a large amount of concern throughout the cryptocurrency world. Many of the top coins in the space have dropped by...
cryptocurrency scam

How Cryptocurrency is Shaping the Computer Chip Manufacturer Industry

The height of cryptocurrency means that all industries associated with it have been able to benefit as well. One of the highest benefitting groups has continued to be those...
bitcoin opportunity money

Will One Miner Set The Tone For Cryptocurrency In 2018

How Can One Company Set The Tone For Cryptocurrency Mining In 2018 ? Blockchain protocols now offer a secure way to handle transactions in comparison to previously archaic and even...
bitcoin investors

Today’s Top Trending Cryptocurrency Updates – Must Read

Monday’s are meant for momentum and the Crypto space is starting to heat up again in a big way. If you’re looking for a leg up before the opening...
cryptocurrency mining

The Cryptocurrency Market is Crazy Right Now

The market on cryptocurrency has been extremely lucrative for those who got in it early. The market continues to grow at an exponential rate as many individuals are just...
bitcoin price drop

TRON Has Been Recognized by the Chinese Government

The company known as Peiwo Hunale Technology Co. is a highly popularized company for introducing several large apps into the Chinese tech market. The company also happens to be...
bitcoin hedge fund

Another Small Cryptocurrency Has Shot Up in Value

A digital coin in the cryptocurrency world that only a few days ago was worth about $0.10, has now doubled in price, taking it to eighth place in the...
venezuela bitcoin

What is Venezuela’s New Cryptocurrency?

The idea of having a government backed cryptocurrency seems to go right up against the basis of why cryptocurrency was created in the first place. Most do not believe...
cryptocurrency world

What Will the Future of Cryptocurrency Look Like?

Several venture capitalists and market movers in the cryptocurrency world recently got together to share their opinion on what the future of the tech will look like. The cryptocurrency...
ripple coin

Ripple Continues to Break Records as Skeptics Begin to Quiet Down

The cryptocurrency world has been quite interesting since its inception, but has since evolved into something that no one ever though would occur. The coin Ripple has been working...

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Cryptocurrency News & Top Stories – February 20, 2018

One Bitcoin Miner’s Strategy Is Turning The Industry On Its Head Investors are witnessing the dawn of a new era. One of the most mysterious...

Smoke Network Rewards Cannabis Users With Cryptocurrency

Smoke Network has developed a DPoS blockchain system to enhance its growth and efficiency to enable the self-funded rewards to be facilitated through a...
bitcoin stocks

Lenovo Seeks To Acquire Blockchain Validation Patent

The latest blockchain patent filing reveals that the Chinese technology PC giant Lenovo could be seeking for avenues to use blockchain for verifying the...

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