bitcoin price drop

Bitcoin’s Correlation With Wall Street Continues to Prove Itself

It is extremely clear that there is a high level of correlation between bitcoin and the stock market on Wall Street. According to a new report “On a...
strength in numbers-2

Bitcoin Cash Shoots up in Value

The coin known as bitcoin cash has managed to shoot up by quite a large amount during trading on Thursday, February 8th. The coin has struggled with a...

What’s Going on With Nano?

The coin formerly known as Raiblocks, Nano has created quite a large amount of buzz in the crypto industry and beyond. One of the latest pieces of news to...
price of ripple

CEO of Ripple Earns More Than You Think

As the CEO of Ripple and former Hightail CEO, Brand Garlinghouse has amassed quite a fortune for himself. Given that he currently has a 6.3% stake in Ripple,...
venezuela bitcoin

President of Venezuela Urges OPEC to Launch a Cryptocurrency

Nicolas Maduro, dubbed the pro-cryptocurrency president of Venezuela has recently reached out to urge OPEC into creating a cryptocurrency of their own. Maduro stated recently that “I going...
bitcoin price rise

Can the Cryptocurrency Market Recover?

A new report has come out showing how the cryptocurrency market may be able to recover and end up coming back even stronger after the most recent selloff has...
bitcoin slap

The Price of Bitcoin is Going Crazy

Bitcoin has been on quite a wild ride in the past week or two with the coin plunging from a high of almost $20,000 just a month earlier...
bitcoin bubble

Are Big Banks the Reason for the Crypto Crash of Recent?

With bitcoin losing almost 40% of its value in only a week or so, and ripple as well as ethereum following close behind, many are wondering what the...
ripple investing

What’s Wrong With Ripple?

The cryptocurrency market has been quite difficult to follow in the past few weeks, with a large amount of news coming out that has made the market more...
railblocks cryptocurrency

Why Raiblocks Decided to Rebrand Itself

The company and coin known as Raiblocks or XRB recently rebranded itself to Nano. The company still remains with the main focus on fee-less transfers, with extremely fast...

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Is the ICO Cryptocurrency Craze Over?

The cryptocurrency world has been quite crazy over the course of the past year or so with many individuals getting in solely to make...
warren buffett bitcoin

What Experts Are Saying About Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has stirred up a large amount of emotion in the market as a massive selloff has caused many to rethink their positions in...
centralized blockchain

Coin Stocks & Cryptocurrency Newsletter – February 16, 2018

Bitcoin’s Correlation With Wall Street Continues to Prove Itself It is extremely clear that there is a high level of correlation between bitcoin and the...

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