bitcoin future

What Could Happen to Cryptocurrency in the Next Decade?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin among other cryptocurrencies have been on quite a wild rollercoaster in the past couple of weeks. New highs have been followed by a...

Bitcoin Drops Below $7,000

The most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization recently dropped below $7,000 to its lowest level in over two months. Given that the coin is extremely volatile, this is...
bitcoin opportunity money

Institutions are Beginning to Turn on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has had quite a rough time in the past few weeks, with a massive selloff rippling through the broader cryptocurrency market. The coin which is dubbed as...
price of ethereum

What Separates Ethereum From Bitcoin

Given that bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, still retaining its place in the number one spot in terms of market capitalization, it seems only fair to compare it...
cryptocurrency world

What Kind of Potential Does Parity Have to Shake Up the Cryptocurrency World?

The coin Parity has suffered one of the roughest years of all of the cryptocurrencies after facing one of the highest profile attacks on a crypto in the history...
Ethereum prices rise

Ethereum Could Become Bullish Despite the Rest of the Crypto Market

Ethereum could potentially be one of the only coins that will be able to survive the most recent large pullback in the cryptocurrency world. The coin has managed...
ripple india

India Fights Against Cryptocurrency

India has stated that they will not treat cryptocurrency as though it is a legal form of currency in the coming years. The country has also stated that...
bitcoin gold

Blackrock Continues to Think About Cryptocurrency

Blackrock has not yet stated that they have any express interest in making products for the cryptocurrency industry, but they have stated that the market has a lot of...
cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency Could be to Blame for the High Price of Graphics Cards

A new report has come out showing how those who use graphics cards for other processes than mining cryptocurrency could be at a disadvantage given that the market has...
bitcoin central bank

What is the Risk of Inflation for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become an incredibly popular topic for many individuals throughout the past year or so, following the high amount of volatility with the coin. Many investors who got...

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bitcoin central bank

Cryptocurrency News & Top Stories – February 20, 2018

One Bitcoin Miner’s Strategy Is Turning The Industry On Its Head Investors are witnessing the dawn of a new era. One of the most mysterious...

Smoke Network Rewards Cannabis Users With Cryptocurrency

Smoke Network has developed a DPoS blockchain system to enhance its growth and efficiency to enable the self-funded rewards to be facilitated through a...
bitcoin stocks

Lenovo Seeks To Acquire Blockchain Validation Patent

The latest blockchain patent filing reveals that the Chinese technology PC giant Lenovo could be seeking for avenues to use blockchain for verifying the...

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