Are You Watching NEO Coin?

NEO Coin Surges 30% to Lead Crypto Market In terms of market capitalization, NEO is the eighth largest cryptocurrency. During the past 24 hours, the coin shot up around 30%...
stock market crash cryptocurrency

Can A Cryptocurrency Market Crash Help Your Investments?

How to Use a Cryptocurrency Market Crash to Your Benefit In the recent times, various analysts have began to comment on whether or not they think the cryptocurrency market is...
alt coin cryptocurrency

What Way Can Cryptocurrency Industry Be More Legit?

How to Legitimize the Cryptocurrency Industry Many compare the current boom of cryptocurrency to that of the internet boom during the late 1990s. With the possibility of the industry growing...
blockchain technology birth certificate

No ICO Cryptocurrency?

New Cryptocurrency Coin Launches Without ICO Developers at the company MimbleWimble have set their sights on creating a new cryptocurrency in the market. The project, which is named after the popular...
cryptocurrency bitcoin money

Cryptocurrency & Strength Of Hard Cash

Can Cryptocurrency Become a Useable Form of Money? One ex-hedge fund manager, Michael Novograts stated his opinion on the subject of cryptocurrency in a recent interview. His main point regarding...
nvidia stock cryptocurrency

Is NVIDIA Taking Over Cryptocurrency?

How NVIDIA is Taking Over the Market NVIDIA has been at the top of the charts throughout the year as their growth has seen nearly 20% in terms of capital...
cryptocurrency hedge

More Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Are Coming

Hedge Funds in the Cryptocurrency Industry are Popping up Everywhere One prime example of the boom in the cryptocurrency market is a man named Ari Lewis. Back when Lewis was...
wu tang coin cryptocurrency

Wu Tang Coin Could Be A Real Thing

One ICO Wants to Take Back Martin Shkreli’s Unreleased Wu-Tang Album There is currently a new ICO that has stated they would like to take back the Wu-Tang album that...
cryptocurrency risk

Do You Know The Risks With Bitcoin?

The Risks and Rewards of Investing in Bitcoin The market of cryptocurrencies has seen a boom in the past few months to a year. Those investors who are in favor...
south korea bitcoin

South Korea Looking Into Cryptocurrency

How South Korea is Adopting Cryptocurrency? One of South Korea’s largest messaging applications, Kakao, is poised to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange they are calling Upbit. The app will support...

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Police In London To Receive Cryptocurrency Training To Help Deal With Money Laundering

The passage of time is witnessing cryptocurrencies gain much it terms of popularity. However, it is expected that this boom might be pulling along...

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Cloud Services Now Accessible To All Interested Parties

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) since its establishment has always made the interests of its customers a major priority. The early adopters of this company’s Blockchain...

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Launches Its Blockchain Cloud Service For Companies

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) has launched its blockchain cloud service for the companies recently. It is one of the largest blockchain services for enterprises released...

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