jamie dimon bitcoin

Bitcoin Skeptics Weigh In

Bitcoin Faces Another Bout of Criticism Bitcoin has once again faced criticism from the CEO of JPMorgan Chase bank, Jamie Dimon. Dimon stated in an interview with CNBC that he...
bitcoin cryptocurrency altcoin

How Can Bitcoin be Integrated Into Mainstream Finance?

Although Bitcoin has recently reached all-time highs, the currency is ironically becoming more and more difficult to spend. Back in 2010, the famed story of Laszlo Hanyecz purchasing two Domino’s...
how to buy bitcoin

Bitcoin Falls On Regulation News

Prices for Bitcoin Fell Another $300 After News Of Further Regulation Bitcoin prices fell three hundred dollars on September 5th. The initial thought may be based on the result of...
china bitcoin cryptocurrency

How the Chinese Bitcoin Ban Helped Build the Market in Japan

Looking back at a year ago, the Chinese market controlled and accounted for around 90% of all bitcoin trading. After the ban on initial coin offerings and the regulatory...
centralized blockchain

Small Caps Surge in Accordance With Cryptocurrency Boom

Three out of the four most active stocks traded in US market on Monday, November 27th were said to be riding on the boom from cryptocurrency a report says. Shares...

The Market Cap of Bitcoin Just Shot Above $100 Billion

The most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization just shot past a $100 billion market capitalization. After passing the famed $6,000 mark only a few weeks ago and then dropping...
cryptocurrency stocks

Cryptocurrencies Surpass Bitcoin Run

Bitcoin Slowing Down as Other Cryptocurrencies Rise Up Up until this point in time, cryptocurrencies have not been used at the classic Mom and Pop shops due to the fact...
warren buffett bitcoin

What Experts Are Saying About Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has stirred up a large amount of emotion in the market as a massive selloff has caused many to rethink their positions in crypto. The past year has...
blockchain technology cryptocurrency

Price For Cryptocurrency Drops Down

The price of one bitcoin managed to drop down by a significant amount after reaching new highs over the weekend. Other coins in the cryptocurrency market managed to pick...
cryptocurrency to cash

Bitcoin Surges Past $7,000 and Continues to Rise

The price of Bitcoin hit a staggering new all-time high of over $7,000 Thursday, November 2nd. With a continuing bullish streak throughout the last week of October and the...

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Cryptocurrency News & Top Stories – February 20, 2018

One Bitcoin Miner’s Strategy Is Turning The Industry On Its Head Investors are witnessing the dawn of a new era. One of the most mysterious...

Smoke Network Rewards Cannabis Users With Cryptocurrency

Smoke Network has developed a DPoS blockchain system to enhance its growth and efficiency to enable the self-funded rewards to be facilitated through a...
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Lenovo Seeks To Acquire Blockchain Validation Patent

The latest blockchain patent filing reveals that the Chinese technology PC giant Lenovo could be seeking for avenues to use blockchain for verifying the...

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