who created bitcoin

Bitcoin Prices Back In Motion

Price of Bitcoin Shoots Back Up As Emotions Calm Down After dropping a good amount over the course of mid-September, bitcoin is back up. The digital currency dropped as much...
bitcoin rollercoaster

Bitcoin: Do You Have The Stomach For Volatility?

Volatility of Bitcoin is at All Time High As of last Friday, September 8th, Bitcoin has been extremely volatile. The cryptocurrency shot from going down over 7% to back up more...
bitcoin millennials

Millennials Love Bitcoin

Why Millennials Stashing Money Into Bitcoin? Across the board, celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and billionaire investors like Mike Novogratz are choosing to put their money away in bitcoin. Those who...
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Bad News For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Prices Drops After News From China The prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taking a break from their climb on Monday. China has now launched an effort to...
cryptocurrency stocks

Cryptocurrencies Surpass Bitcoin Run

Bitcoin Slowing Down as Other Cryptocurrencies Rise Up Up until this point in time, cryptocurrencies have not been used at the classic Mom and Pop shops due to the fact...
how to buy bitcoin

Bitcoin Falls On Regulation News

Prices for Bitcoin Fell Another $300 After News Of Further Regulation Bitcoin prices fell three hundred dollars on September 5th. The initial thought may be based on the result of...
bitcoin 20,000

What Will Bitcoin Prices Be In 3 Years?

Some Speculate That Bitcoin Will Be Able To Hit $20,000 The founder of Standpoint Research, Ronnie Moas just recently restated his take on bitcoin and it was a bullish one....
bitcoin billionaire

Stacking Bitcoin Like A Boss

With This Swedish Programmer Be A Bitcoin Billionaire? Do you know who Alexander Bottema is? Neither did we until now. Mr. Bottema is a Swedish programmer who had an interview...
bitcoin cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Sales Limited In Russia

Russia Aims to Limit Cryptocurrency Sales for only Professional Investors During a local interview to a Russian channel, the finance minister Alexey Moiseev has underlined a new measurement that the...
make money with bitcoin

How To Make Money Buying Cyptocurreny

Can Cryptocurrency Really Make You Money? Selling cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is not quite as straightforward as purchasing them, however, fortunately, we here to assist the people. This model will...

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Chubu Electric Power Co Tests Bitcoin On Lightening

Chubu Electric Power Co, which happens to be the third-largest electricity provider in Japan, is clearly coming out as one of the first top...

Coinbase Unleashes The Crypto Currency Tax Calculator

Coinbase, which happens to be a cryptocurrency startup has today moved ahead to unveil a new gain/loss calculating tool. A person familiar with the...
bitcoin stocks

Bitcoin Loses Its Sheen With Regulators Stepping up Tighter Measures

The beginning for the cryptocurrencies was very good. Everyone was after the cryptocurrency to make some quick returns. The Bitcoin has seen a surge...

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