bitcoin mining

Is Your Computer Being Used for Cryptocurrency Mining?

Secrets of Cryptocurrency Mining Many computers secretly are used for cryptocurrency mining without the users knowledge. People can hack into your computer to use your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency...
cryptocurrency securities and exchange commission

The SEC Issues Yet Another Statement Regarding Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been quite a crazy industry for the past year or so, with many individuals choosing to get involved due to the high amount of publicity the industry...
cryptocurrency hack

What Makes Hacking Cryptocurrency so Easy?

Cryptocurrency And The Risk of Getting Hacked With the boom of cryptocurrency in full swing, many have security at the back of their minds. Looking at this summer alone, various...
ripple india

India Fights Against Cryptocurrency

India has stated that they will not treat cryptocurrency as though it is a legal form of currency in the coming years. The country has also stated that...
bitcoin central bank

Ripple May Have More Opportunities Than XRP

The cryptocurrency market has been quite crazy over the past week or two. With the most recent crash in the market causing many individuals to have some sort...
nvidia stock cryptocurrency

Is NVIDIA Taking Over Cryptocurrency?

How NVIDIA is Taking Over the Market NVIDIA has been at the top of the charts throughout the year as their growth has seen nearly 20% in terms of capital...
cryptocurrency start up

Value of Cryptocurrency Versus Listing Price

There is of course, a positive correlation between the market capitalization of one cryptocurrency and the number of exchanges that it is listed on. This is an obvious correlation...
distributed ledger technology blockchain

New Cryptocurrency Wallet Could Potentially Change the Industry

The security company Gemalto partnered with the hardware wallet provider, Ledger, have combined efforts to create a revolutionary cryptocurrency wallet that may be able to reshape the industry as...
centralized blockchain

Price of Bitcoin Remains Extremely Volatile

The value of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization beat its own high price and then quickly shot down in value this week. The price of the...
cryptocurrency biometrics

How the World’s of Biometrics and Cryptocurrency May be Merging

As of recent, there is a new company that has created a cryptocurrency to strictly deal with biometrics. The coin, known as AML BitCoin was created by the NAC...

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Puerto Rico Appeals To Blockchain Industry To Fund Its Comeback

About six months after Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico, a bunch of crypto enthusiasts have inclined upon San Juan for a sequence of blockchain...

Cryptohedge Fund To Do Well Despite Bitcoin’s Fall Out

Despite the fall of Bitcoin’s price this year, one of the hedge fund managers holding the cryptocurrency stated that even if the coin flops the way...

Chubu Electric Power Co Tests Bitcoin On Lightening

Chubu Electric Power Co, which happens to be the third-largest electricity provider in Japan, is clearly coming out as one of the first top...

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