distributed ledger technology blockchain

New Cryptocurrency Wallet Could Potentially Change the Industry

The security company Gemalto partnered with the hardware wallet provider, Ledger, have combined efforts to create a revolutionary cryptocurrency wallet that may be able to reshape the industry as...
bitcoin mining japan

Why Japan Is Leading the Cryptocurrency Market

As of the first week of October, cryptocurrency prices have struggled to continue climbing. This is a sign that some of the regulatory policies put in place by Asia,...
cryptocurrency centralization blockchain

Making Cryptocurrencies Centralized is Easier Said Than Done

Sweden has become the largest example of a government that is doing away with physical cash. The number of banknotes they have in circulation has dropped to the lowest...
nvidia stock cryptocurrency

Is NVIDIA Taking Over Cryptocurrency?

How NVIDIA is Taking Over the Market NVIDIA has been at the top of the charts throughout the year as their growth has seen nearly 20% in terms of capital...
bitcoin gambling

Gaming Industry Placing Bets On Bitcoin

How Bitcoin is Shaping the Future of Gambling One multimillion dollar cryptocurrency ICO or initial coin offering is being pushed by a Macau gaming company. Their backing comes from a...
bitcoin mining

Is Your Computer Being Used for Cryptocurrency Mining?

Secrets of Cryptocurrency Mining Many computers secretly are used for cryptocurrency mining without the users knowledge. People can hack into your computer to use your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency...
qtum ethereum killer

A Blockchain Technology Called The Ethereum Killer

Qtum Blockchain Technology And Neo Contribute To Growth Of Blockchain Integration There’s no doubt right now that blockchain technology has immense potential to change business models in a hurry. However,...
cryptocurrency hack

What Makes Hacking Cryptocurrency so Easy?

Cryptocurrency And The Risk of Getting Hacked With the boom of cryptocurrency in full swing, many have security at the back of their minds. Looking at this summer alone, various...
cryptocurrency loan mobile app

Cryptocurrency Loans From Mobile Apps?

Apps Willing to Give Small Loans in the Form of Cryptocurrency Their are currently many decentralized apps or dApps, that are completely open-source built on a blockchain. One of the...
dash coin bitcoin hurricane

Raising Dash Cryptocurrency to Help Hurricane Victims

A Total of $50k In Dash and Bitcoin Were Raised By Radio Host The southern part of the United States of America has been going through a flurry of weather...

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Police In London To Receive Cryptocurrency Training To Help Deal With Money Laundering

The passage of time is witnessing cryptocurrencies gain much it terms of popularity. However, it is expected that this boom might be pulling along...

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Cloud Services Now Accessible To All Interested Parties

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) since its establishment has always made the interests of its customers a major priority. The early adopters of this company’s Blockchain...

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Launches Its Blockchain Cloud Service For Companies

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) has launched its blockchain cloud service for the companies recently. It is one of the largest blockchain services for enterprises released...

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