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Race Of Cryptocurrency Mining Is On!

Even with what is going on in China, Japan has taken a different angle on cryptocurrency. In fact, the country has put into place, certain regulatory adjustments that are good for Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies. This has sparked a race to mine cryptocurrency among the country’s leading internet firms. Inc. has made the announcement that it is building a “Virtual Currency Division” and will start operating a cryptocurrency mining arm next month. The firm says that its DMM Mining Farm will work as a large-scale, “Made-In-Japan” mining farm that looks to be so large that it will have zero competition versus other domestic companies. DMM even has plans to operate as one of the top three, global mining farm companies in the future.

This announcement also shows that the company is developing DMM Cloud Mining, which is intended to be secure to enable the public to join in on the action. At the center of the company, is actually an online shopping company and offers anything from e-books to solar panels. It actually has a well-known foreign exchange trading subsidiary called Secuities.

Following the end of successful trials in October, their DMM POOL will be launched. It will allow for use on a global scale by the end of the year, according to reports. Eventually, the company hopes this will first result in it becoming one of the world’s top ten biggest mining organizations during 2018 and then move to the top three after that.

Other companies have also gotten in on the cryptocurrency mining boom. GMO Internet, another company headquartered in Japan, put its hat in the ring. The company announced that it would be starting a Bitcoin mining center in the northern part of Europe, earlier this year.


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