Cryptocurrency Stocks Are Heating Up – Today’s Update, January 8, 2018


Tons of positive exposure on cryptocurrency this weekend could be a huge spark to the markets today. Here are today’s top stories for you to read before the opening bell!

Investors Are Hungry For New Opportunity & One Company Could Set The Stage For A Major Breakthrough In Crypto Mining

Right now investors are witnessing the dawn of a new era. One of the most mysterious investments and now started to become one of the largest builders of wealth in the last half century. And now, companies are beginning to evolve into what will become the next generation of money!


Why is South Korea Buying so Much Ripple?

Cryptocurrency is a market that has taken the world economy by storm. With what is essentially a new way to buy and sell goods, cryptocurrency represents a type of currency that has never existed before. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto world is one known as Ripple. Ripple is also known by its ticker symbol, XRP. The price of many of the world’s top cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum managed to take a large dip during the last week of December with many reasons to blame.

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How Another Central Bank Aims to Make its Own Cryptocurrency

Creating a centralized digital currency has been the dream for several countries looking to get into the digital currency industry. One of the countries leading the fight for the first centralized cryptocurrency is Israel. The bank of Israel has been considering making the move into cryptocurrency as recent reports state. Around 22% of the national output of Israel is currently derived from illegal sources, which is a loss of around $5.76 billion in tax payments. The country believes that by creating a centralized anonymous currency, they would effectively be able to fight this crime within the country.

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