Privatix ICO Cryptocurrency

There’s A Way To Profit In Cryptocurrency For The Broadband You Don’t Use

If there weren’t enough options on how to make money with cryptocurrency, add this one to the list. If you’re not using all of your internet connection right now, you could be able to profit from it.

VPN provider, Privatix, may have a solution to make some extra cryptocurrency on the side. Before we get into them, let’s explain VPN. This is known as a virtual private network. Essentially a VPN will go around usual restrictions of internet usage and open up the ability for users to access a much wider range of online capability. It also allows further anonymity during a time of internet censorship. Now Privatix and email service, are looking at options to build a blockchain that would advance the industry of VPN and cybersecurity.

The company is looking to start an ICO in October and hold its presale on September 14. Privatix Ltd is offering a concept that aims to make one of the largest marketplaces for “idle bandwidth”. So let’s set the stage a little. Imagine how much time you are awake during the day or the times that you’re not working on a computer. Privatix software will allow its users to sell unused capacity with a few clicks and no technical knowledge.

The team at Privatix is made up of coders and entrepreneurs with technical backgrounds and even the co-founder of this project has experience running companies related to VPN services. The other members of the team have focused so heavily on this project that they’ve all vowed to sell all other businesses that they’re involved in to free up every minute of time and spend it on this.

After the ICO, the company is anticipating to begin work on a cross-platform software and network development. They say that by the end of 2020, the company wants to debut developed networks like this, that are based on the Privatix Network.


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