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Secrets of Cryptocurrency Mining

Many computers secretly are used for cryptocurrency mining without the users knowledge. People can hack into your computer to use your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency coins for their own benefit, and most don’t even know. Incidents of this malware occurring have, according to IBM Managed Security Services, increased by six times this year alone.

One way to find out whether or not this is happening to your computer is to check your CPU usage. Computers have applications within them that manage CPU and activity. If it is unusually high, it could mean that your computer is being used for mining. It is hard to tell what is a “normal” amount, but usually it is easy to tell if there is a recent elevation in CPU power.

The malware could’ve entered your computer by visiting a specific website, or clicking on an infected advertisement. If this is the reason, it will stop once the website or ad is clicked out of. Just to be sure, one could also run a malware software or block Javascript, which could be two solutions to the issue. There are also many ad-blocking softwares that work by blocking the underlying code behind advertisements, thus making your computer less vulnerable to malware.

One of the largest mining scripts is known as Coin Hive. Coin Hive is not fully considered malware, but can act in a similar way.

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One of the popular ad-blocking softwares is known as AdGuard. This applications goes through a website before you visit it and alerts you as to whether or not it has malware embedded in it.

With the increased use of these mining softwares, it is inevitable that there will be more softwares created, dedicated to making computers safe. The hopes are high that this will not discourage the market behind cryptocurrency.


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