Quite a large number of people had invested much confidence in the LitePay service holding on to the fact that it was the presumed ticket for greatness for Litecoin. The passage of time is slowly proving everyone wrong and that is in close consideration of the fact that the unveiling of the service according to sources will be only partial.

It is also crucial to point out that in the same line of thought the unrolling of Litecoin payment cards has experienced delays, a matter that is sparking about pretty much in terms of speculations.

All in all, there still exists the chance for the pop up of a single standard for accepting Litecoin whose essence will be to rule out the per-piece wallets as well as the ad hoc solutions. The changes are set to take place at a point when business dynamics tend to be shifting pretty fast and the intention of the community at this point in time is to see the asset spent more widely in the course of this particular year.

A person familiar with the recent developments opined, “Strangely, for now, there has not been much social media noise around the launch, and the next few months will show if spending Litecoin really takes off, or if it will impact the price. LTC slid slightly in the past 24 hours, as the asset habitually absorbs bad news with relative stability.”

The other thing is that there does exists a slight premium on most of the Korean exchanges and the premium is even lower when it gets to Binance which is the same place that LTC also trades against Tether.

But the one aspect that seems to be coming out pretty differently this time around is the fact that the LTC digital asset is apparently making its entry into the open competition with Bitcoin Cash and that is according to the latest reports.

Of course that is in line with the network capabilities as well as the terms of technology. The Lite project by the start of this month took many by surprise with a prolonged strange radio silence but the reality will be unfolding when it finally makes its official statement.


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