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Millennium Blockchain Announces Transform Group Partnership and Advisory Board Chairman Michael Terpin.

Millennium Blockchain Inc. (OTC:MBLC), is a company mainly attentive to the Blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies in strongly rooted technological areas, the health sector, financial markets and the crypto-marketing sectors.

Millennium Blockchains has declared its partnership with one of the leading public relations and the greatest marketing firm, Transform Group. Besides that, the company has also hired the services of Michael Turpin in the capacity a chair to its board.

Michael Terpin has been among the founders of the Incubator B-commerce Labs, BitAngels, Marketwired among other networks for the digital currency establishments. Terpin is currently the head of the committee for Alphabit Fund on Initial Coin Investments.

Transform Group, LLC is a leading marketing, offers advisory and also provides public relations headquatered at Puerto Rico. The firm aims in sustaining the leadership roles for its clients, their superiority and execution consistency.

Besides being the head of the Alphabit fund ICO investments committee, Terpin also offers a wide range of companies his advisory services including the Consumer Electronic show in which the aids in the programming of the bitcoins contents

During the announcement, Brandon Romanek the CEO, Millenium Blockchain sentimented that Terpin being among the top leaders, perfomers and influencers in the Blockchain with great experinces, they have great expectations from the Guru.

The company aims to gain from Terpins having been in the Crypto-space for quite a longer period. As the company shapes its operational and financial markets, it aims to seek the validations and management of its equity in the aspirations of the Blockchain communities.

Terpin will be expected to head the board while providing advisory to the company in its quest to reviewing, sourcing and making considerations for the acquisitions the company can execute

The Transform team in the leadership of Terpin have spearheaded the public relations for more than 100 foundations and blockchain companies.

The stock market demand and interest in the blockchain has immensely expanded and the company aims to tap into the market by responding to this demands in the digital currency space.


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