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Bitcoin Price & Blockchain Technology Have Investors Hungry For Opportunity

There has been a hidden opportunity that only a few investors have started to figure out. It hasn’t been “developing a new technology” or “making the next coin”. Right now some of the biggest opportunity is in cryptocurrency mining. One company has taken the approach that others also have and magnified it to a level that no one has seen to date.

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What Will the Future of Cryptocurrency Look Like?

Several venture capitalists and market movers in the cryptocurrency world recently got together to share their opinion on what the future of the tech will look like. The cryptocurrency world has managed to gain a large following in the past weeks and months to the point where it has become quite mainstream. Many of these big investors see the market only growing throughout this year. Given the talked about possibility of a partnership between Amazon and cryptocurrency, many venture capitalists think that the Amazon stock will become quite bullish this year, with many new IoT devices and so on.

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Another Small Cryptocurrency Has Shot Up in Value

A digital coin in the cryptocurrency world that only a few days ago was worth about $0.10, has now doubled in price, taking it to eighth place in the cryptocurrency world by market capitalization. The coin known as Tron managed to shoot up by as much as 112% on during the beginning of the new year, with a market cap of over $13.5 billion. This gain in price made the coin jump above litecoin, which had managed to hold its position for quite some time prior.

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