Quifas announced recently that it’s planning to launch a token sale campaign next month. The company that largely focuses on providing excellent customer service for the cryptocurrency users is intending to create an innovative and customer-focused digital currency exchange with an inbuilt user-friendly interface to enhance security and speed of transactions per second.

The company tries to set its clients at the pace of the latest technology by eliminating the key issues that face most exchanges in the current cryptocurrency market. The increasing demand for the virtual currencies has complicated the work of the exchanges resulting in the limitations in the mandate of the firms.

For instance, most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing challenges due to an abrupt surge in the demand for their services thus leading to endless complaints and performance issues that have become part of the most leading crypto exchanges.

Furthermore, the digital currency platforms are not only prone to critical security threats but they also suffer from the various shortcoming that includes inadequate customer service, insufficient scalability, minimal withdrawal limits, delays in account upgrades, and other issues. Quifas intends to use the upcoming crypto token sales campaign to address the key issues that are facing the industry at the moment.

Meanwhile, another new cryptocurrency, Folk Coin has launched an ICO campaign specifically to help the end-users learn the technical basis to deliver profit for everyone. The campaign will bring benefits to the end-users more than the creators.

With endless ICOs and token sale campaigns, it’s true that the cryptocurrency is taking the world economy to another level. The projects are technically positioned to rapidly increase the sales volume of the tokens. Unfortunately, the intended promise is rarely attained mostly due to lack of concrete base and the risk factor associated with the virtual currencies. Also, most governments have not accepted the crypto as an alternative form of payment.


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