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A coin in the cryptocurrency world known as Raiblocks or XRB, has recently announced that users will be able to trade it on new exchanges. The coin has been the main competitor for the popular exchange website known as Binance. Another exchange aside from Binance known as Kucoin has stated that they will be adding Raiblocks to their trading platform. This is a large step for the coin that has managed to garner quite a large following over the past few months.

The hopes are that this new exchange method can help to bring the coin into the broader cryptocurrency market. The coin has managed to gain quite a large following given that it is only able to be traded on one platform. The coin is currently in the process of being integrated into the above exchanges, which could help to transform the way the coin currently is perceived, and works. Prices of the coin have dropped dramatically, while those behind the coin have been attempting to find funding for such a new currency. The coins that have been released so far have been quickly snatched up by investors looking to get in before the coin explodes.

Raiblocks works by offering a separate blockchain for each account. This is completely different from any existing cryptocurrencies and is continuing to change the entire crypto space. Raiblocks offers investors a transaction free system that also pushes transactions through almost instantly. With the world of bitcoin and other large coins that often take hours to transfer, any coin that promises instant transactions is one that will likely be received well by the public. The hopes are high that this new coin can continue to show how large of an opportunity it has in the greater market.

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