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The cryptocurrency world has been quite interesting since its inception, but has since evolved into something that no one ever though would occur. The coin Ripple has been working to change the entirety of the cryptocurrency world. The value of the coin has managed to get as high as $74 billion in a short period of time. As of press time, the coin has managed to almost double that market capitalization to over $142,729,000,000. This data is according to the popular market research site known as

There is a large debate currently as to whether or not that figure is conservative given the amount of circulating supply of the coin. There currently is a large amount of XRP out there, which makes the market cap even higher if that is the case. This leads to a tough to negotiate situation viewing Ripple. The coin has quickly become one of the most valuable currencies in the cryptocurrency world, and continues to baffle investors. Looking at the numbers, the market cap makes the company behind Ripple the tenth largest company in the world, with its CEO worth almost $55 billion.

This is tying together the total value of all XRP, not just the circulating supply of the coin. These numbers are still quite insane even withstanding this caveat. If Ripple is able to become the world’s next large payment system, it would mean that the current systems would have to step out of the way. The cryptocurrency world has managed to amass a large amount of attention given the popularity of bitcoin and other large crypto networks. The hopes are high that these coins can continue to offer investors benefits that other coins cannot, and continue to bring the crypto world into the mainstream.

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