Ripple CEO tells cryptocurrency industry to ‘work with the regulators’ and we must also be able to work with the systems

Bitcoins experienced a drop below $10,000 after the Security and Exchange Commission had intimated that it may require digital asset exchanges for it to be capable of registration with the urgency

Garlinghouse foresees a merger since the crypto-space asset base is continuously expanding and the constancy of the world slowly creeps into the space.

He further argued that the blockchain revolution will only happen with the systems and without this systems we cannot be able to recognize this.

Garlinghouse according to the Forbes has a net worth of $3.7billion and ranked 210 on the list of America’s richest. He argues that there are some forces in the bitcoin community who have really been championing for downs with Goverments as well as banks.

Ripple is a fast tracking a plan to put in place a network for a more faster inter-states financial payments and aims to use the XRP (a digital token) to be able to quickly conduct their transactions

There were some speculations that the Ripples’s CEO’s appearance on fast Monday with the COO and the president of Coinbase would gesture an announcement promptly.

Garlinghouse however said that Coinbase have the ability to choose and decide on the announcements that will be most ideal for them absconding himself from making any comments on those things.

Garlinghouse has however been able to predict more deals with the growth of the asset base and also hinted on a possible acquisition of Poloniex. Besides there was also a promise from him that there would be a possible integration hence spurring growth.

Ripple Company has been estimated to be valued just above $60 billion worth of the digital currency XRP for which the company still plans to place the assets back to investments in XRP developments

XRP has been announced to being tested by quite a number of financial firms for a possibility of an open payments across borders

Fleetcor and its subsidiaries Cambridge Global payments, IDT and MercuryFX are amongst the companies expected to test the use of XRP.


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