christmas bitcoin russia

The Russian opinion of cryptocurrency is something that is widespread and well documented. It is clear that the government does not want anything to do with the cryptocurrency industry, but that isn’t stopping the public population of the country from having a strong desire to get involved.

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The Russian version of Santa Claus, known as Red Moroz, has stated that he is keeping up with the times, and in a recent interview stated that “I live for a very long time and do not remember how old I am, but I want to keep up with the times. Now the world is ruled by electronics, and friends advise me to release my own cryptocurrency.”

This is something that is interesting to look at, because as a public figure, the cryptocurrency world is something that has the potential to take off within the country. With a large population and a willingness to get involved, it is sad to think that Vladimir Putin’s opinion on the subject could potentially downgrade the large amount of potential that Russia has to move this market.

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Bitcoin is something that has been met with a notorious amount of criticism across the world and not just in Russia. With Russian officials stating that they want nothing to do with the cryptocurrency and that it will not exist within its borders, it does not seem likely that any time soon, Russia will be involved in the crypto space. The hopes are high that the country might be able to get involved in some way by using the technology to create some sort of centralized version, but again this does not mean that they have involvement in the underlying cryptocurrency world. With a blooming industry, it would only make sense for Russia to find some way to get involved in the cryptocurrency space.


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