What Will Happen to Cryptocurrency During 2018?

Cryptocurrency has seen a tremendous rise in price and popularity over the course of 2017, with coins rising in the thousands of percents. With these meteoric rises occurring, many are wondering where the market is headed during the next year. With one company offering futures starting earlier in the first week of December, it will be interesting to see what happens to the overall market during the next year.

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Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc (AKE:CNX – CNQ) Acquires MKH Electric City Holdings LLC

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. (CSE:AKE) (XFRA:A49) (the “Company” or “Atlas Cloud”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of MKH Electric City Holdings LLC, a Washington State company which owns a 6,600-sq. ft. location which Atlas Cloud believes will be ideal for digital currency mining. The facility (“The Grant County Data Centre”) is currently being converted to host cryptocurrency mining servers. Atlas Cloud intends to dedicate this facility to mining Bitcoin.

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How a Cryptocurrency is Trading Genetic Info for Money

Millions across the world have been testing their DNA using a new form of DNA kits that tell them family history amongst other factors about their lives. All this is done by spitting in a tube at home and then mailing off the kit. These samples contain data that could potentially be extremely valuable to scientists looking to research and understand certain diseases. Many consumers are impeding this process by not opting in to give their information to the scientific research committees, but this could change soon.

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