The coin formerly known as Raiblocks, Nano has created quite a large amount of buzz in the crypto industry and beyond. One of the latest pieces of news to come out of the coin is that fact that it will soon be listed on the popular cryptocurrency based exchange, Binance. The news was recently announced on the twitter account for the exchange. As a niche coin, this kind of liquidity will likely change the history and the future of the sin for quite some time. With the volume currently somewhere around 130,000,000, the coin is only trade with a 0.1% fee.

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The coin cannot be mined and is centrally distributed. All of these factors contribute to showing how Nano could potentially be one of the coins that many hold on to for long term gains. According to the company “Nano aims to deliver near-instantaneous transaction speed and unlimited scalability. It uses a block lattice infrastructure with each user having their own blockchain which allows them to update asynchronously to the rest of the network. This gives Nano a split-second transaction time, ideal for fast exchanges with minimal overheads, such as consumer-based ones.”

Binance, which is a company based out of Hong Kong can currently process around 1.4 million orders per second. This means that adding so much liquidity to a coin like Nano that otherwise would not have it, should be very good for the future of the coin. Although in recent times, the crypto market has seemed quite dark, it looks as though times could be changing for the better. As more and more coins with promising technology come out of the woodworks and into the public eye, the hopes are high that the cryptocurrency world will continue to grow to its full potential.

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