10 Celebrities Who Support Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Celebrities influence their fans on every level of commercialism. They affect opinions from what kind of facial cream to buy to what kind of car to drive. So, why not take a note from them when it comes to investments? Here are 10 influential celebrities who have taken an interest in blockchain.

Ashton Kutcher

This swoon-worthy actor also has other titles up his sleeve, such as activist and investor. He co-founded A-Grade Investments, the venture capital firm, in 2010. Three years later, Kutcher was making his interest and support in cryptocurrency even more publicly known by buying into Bitpay and speaking about Bitcoin at a TechCrunch Conference. His speech mainly revolved around the idea of decentralized technology and what it could do for security. His firm, Sound Ventures, is backing the esports company, Unikrn Inc.

Kutcher has shown significant interest in the technology world ever since. His investments include SpotifyUber, Airbnband Foursquare. Most recently, he made a $4 million in Ripple (XRP) donation to talk show host, Ellen Degeneres’ wildlife fund while on her show.

Al Gore

Another enthusiastic fan of blockchain is former Vice President of the United States, Albert Arnold Gore Jr. Gore has gone so far as to say that this technology has the capacity to replace the government. Considering that a politician made this brazen statement is what makes it even more interesting. Gore openly promotes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and is hopeful about the innovation that today’s thinkers will come up with.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is among another of Hollywood’s brightest who have shown an interest in the world of cryptocurrency. Not only is she an actress, writer, and entrepreneur, but she is also the CEO of GOOP. As if that weren’t enough, she recently became an advisor to the payment app Abra. The Bitcoin startup uses blockchain technology and was showcased on an episode of Planet of the Apps, an Apple TV investment show, where Paltrow first became involved with the project. Clearly, she sees blockchain as a promising product of innovation.

Mel B

The former Spice Girl became the first musician to accept Bitcoin as payment in 2013. She cited Bitcoin as having the capacity to bring together her fans from all over the world with one currency. After her, other artists began accepting the digital currency as compensation.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has a few titles. The actor, author, and podcaster has shown significant interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. His podcast show, The Joe Rogan Podcast, has become highly influential. Its multimillion followers have listened to Rogan’s interviews with an array of cryptocurrency experts since 2017, and the trending topic continues to be of great interest to the host. He has even admitted he buys marijuana with Bitcoin.

Mark Cuban

The Shark Tank star and entrepreneur has warned people that they will lose money if they invest in blockchain technology, and yet, he himself has repeatedly invested in it after taking a second glance. This change of heart has brought the celebrity entrepreneur to invest in a hedge fund called 1Confirmation and back Unikoin Gold ICO, a cryptocurrency stemming from Unikrn. He tweeted his preference for digital currencies in 2017 when he announced he would be cashing out on traditional stocks and was opting to go digital.

Floyd Mayweather

The world-famous boxer is not only clever in the ring, but also on the business floor. Last year, Mayweather revealed his involvement with Stoxx, the blockchain prediction market, and made millions. This then encouraged him to accept a rewarding deal to endorse Hubii, the information network, via his social media accounts.

Jamie Foxx

The award-winning actor, Jamie Foxx, has followed suit and delved into the cryptocurrency world. Foxx, like Mayweather, has begun endorsing blockchain-based companies through his social media account. Last year, Foxx tweeted to his millions of followers to show support for Cobinhood, a cryptocurrency exchange platform,

Kevin Harrington

Like his fellow Shark Tank host Cuban, Kevin Harrington is a big supporter of blockchain technology. He uses his business experience garnered over 40 years to educate and advise companies on how to navigate the ever-changing business world as it relates to technology. Harrington focuses on the advancements made in the digital marketplace and has shown extreme support for cryptocurrencies, going so far as to call is a “gamechanger” for investors and entrepreneurs alike. He likened blockchain to Shark Tank and said that he loved how it had the appeal of his show but it was more convenient than traditional pitching because it could be on a user’s phone. In Harrington’s mind, it is a useful platform that can connect everyone within seconds.

The Game

American Rapper The Game is a known advocate for blockchain. His marijuana dispensary in California, like others of its kind, can benefit from blockchain technology. He was made a member of the advisory board of Paragon, an organization that seeks to use blockchain to make waves in the marijuana market.

These entrepreneurs and business savvy celebrities alike are striving to jump on the market opportunities that blockchain is presenting to them. They are taking the strategic advantages of today’s technology and applying their knowledge and experience to try and generate a profit. And perhaps their successes, just as they have before, with this technology are swaying their fans and followers as a result.


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