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The cryptocurrency world has been quite wild for a long time now, with many coins dropping and rising in large amounts. As bitcoin has been at the top of the chain for some time, it seems as though this year may be the year of the alt coin. Many coins in the space have seen their popularity rise by a large amount along with their prices. Two of the coins who have accumulated a large amount of attention have been Raiblocks and IOTA, but it seems like another coin may be on the rise. One of the newest coins in the space is known as Byteball.

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The coin has a fixed amount of fees that are equal to the size of the transaction. This is a newer system to be used considering most other currencies in the space charge a large amount for transactions. The fees associated with this coin are much lower than that of Ethereum of Bitcoin. The coin has also become incredibly resistant to attacks which is quite a large positive given that many other coins in the space are not able to fight off these attacks. Byteball used a system of distribution of their Bytes via an airdrop, which allows for vendors to have the possibility of using the coin in an easier way.

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Byteball is also offering smart contracts. These smart contracts are essentially ways for the two parties involved in a transaction to ensure that they are paying for a service. In the world of digital money transfer, it can often be difficult to ensure that you get the service you are paying for. The hopes are high that this new coin can help to provide services that other coins cannot manage to get to at this given time.


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