Dillon Michael Dean is a wanted man after it was disclosed that he had misappropriated almost $1 million in a virtual currency and binary options scam. The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been trying all within its means to catch up with him, but unfortunately all of its efforts have proven futile.

Efforts made to catch up with him and associated challenges

To this point in time he remains inaccessible and there is lately much to be learnt about the matter from a number of documents that were filed in the New York Eastern District Court by the Commission.

It was last Tuesday that CFTC made its presentation to the court bringing it out clearly that Dean had failed to respond appropriately to the complaint that was before the court. The regulator still remains optimistic that justice will be given despite the challenges being encountered all along the way.

CFTC has tried contacting the alleged fraudster a number of times though each time it has ended up frustrated. Several visits were made to his addresses in Colorado, calls, phone messages and emails as well.

The regulator at some point thought resorting to an online investigative platform which had for years been relied upon by law enforcement agencies could help. The sad bit was the fact that it did not show any further telephone information, email or address for the Dean.

The whereabouts of Dean and the regulator’s resolution

A Deputy that has for over a long period of time served in the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has moved forward to strike a conversation with Christina Kielnecker. She revealed that Dean had relocated from the residence a long time ago. According to her, Dean packed up and eventually left with all his belongings out of the residence. That was after he learnt that all his secrets were finally coming to the limelight.

It was after the incidence that the regulator was given room to serve the Complaint via email to the accused. To this moment, nothing has yet come out in the form of a reply and thus uncertainty continues to engross the matter. The future is something that we will just have to wait and see.


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