Bitcoin Price & Blockchain Technology Have Investors Hungry For Opportunity


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Right now investors are witnessing the dawn of a new era. One of the most mysterious investments and now started to become one of the largest builders of wealth in the last half century.

And now, companies are beginning to evolve into what will become the next generation of money!

I’m talking about cryptocurrency!

cryptocurrency miningBlockchain technology, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple; these are words that are constantly being reported on. What was once thought of as a fad has now started to grab the ear of some of Wall Street’s biggest investors. A small investment of $100 less than 10 years ago is now worth tens of millions of dollars today!

Nowhere else has there ever been such an immediate and urgent call to action for investors to get in on the ground floor! “Crypto Fever” is upon us and it’s time to claim your own piece of the pie!

The Industry Is Rapidly Evolving & Presents A Perfect Storm For Investors

Despite the fact that this may seem like the wild west, futures contracts coming into play have started to further legitimize the industry and could even help boost the value of cryptocurrencies in general. Even an industry like cannabis doesn’t have futures contracts yet!

The main goal of digital currency like bitcoin was originally to build a decentralized ecosystem for handling transactions so not only could this be the next step for investors to take cryptocurrency seriously but it could also be a key step for industry to take this into account as well.

cryptocurrency wallet growth

New cryptocurrency wallet accounts have seen a significant increase over the last 3 years. But even with this being the case, one of the biggest barriers to entry has been the method to get set up in order to buy cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain protocols now offer a secure way to handle transactions in comparison to previously archaic and even costly methods. Those who understand the potential of this technology are creating new business platforms and winning first mover advantage.

The complexity has deterred traditional investors from blockchain’s potential but now some public companies are changing that & offering investors direct exposure to the crypto economy as well as its huge growth opportunities.

How Companies (And Investors) Will Make REAL MONEY With Cryptocurrency

There has been a hidden opportunity that only a few investors have started to figure out. It hasn’t been “developing a new technology” or “making the next coin”. Right now some of the biggest opportunity is in cryptocurrency mining.

One company has taken the approach that others also have and magnified it to a level that no one has seen to date.

That’s right, this is a first of its kind in cryptocurrency and early investors have the greatest opportunity!

You see it doesn’t just come down to mining operations only. Realistically, anyone can buy bitcoin mining machines, flip the switch, and start mining.

But overall, the barrier to entry for most has come down to actually being able to power the operations and not burn thousands or even millions of dollars in the process. This is something that only a few companies have worked hard to manage but no one has found a way around it.

….Until Now!

Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) is an innovator in the operation of scalable high efficiency blockchain mining operations. The difference between a hobby and a business is capital acquisition and a real plan for growth. Unlike many competitors, Atlas owns its own property and facilities.

Long term planning assures asset value where it matters and it’s because of this fact that Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) could quickly emerge as the premier blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrency mining operations.

6 Reasons Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) Will Change The Landscape For Cryptocurrency Mining

1. Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) Successful Acquired MKH Electric City Holding

With the recent acquisition of MKH Electric City Holdings, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has now secured a 6,600-sq./ft. facility in Washington State. Roughly 1,700 ASIC servers can be used for data mining.

2. Energy Is Cheap For Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49)

Unlike other mining-based companies, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) was able to secure by far the cheapest electricity price access of all “miners” in the state of grand-cooley-damWashington at just under 3 cents per KW/h.

Just to put this into perspective, the average price people in the U.S. pay for electricity is about 12 cents per kilowatt-hour; that’s FOUR TIMES the price of what Atlas will pay for large scale mining operations!

With direct access to the largest hydroelectric power station in the US (Grand Coulee dam), Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) pays for power at some of the lowest rates in the world! This is by far one of the biggest advantages for Atlas.

Where most companies try to find less warm locations in order to save money on air conditioning costs and power consumption, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has flipped the model in its head by essentially becoming their own power company and generating power at wholesale prices.

3. Location, Location, Location

The Atlas facility is just a few miles from the dam and because of its favorable location Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has an opportunity to benefit considerably from the extremely cheap power supply.

At this single location, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has direct access to upwards of 3 megawatts amount and provided by the Department of Public Utilities in Grant County.

The supply can easily be upgraded to 5 megawatts, which ensures considerable scalability for future growth. In addition to the infrastructure, the moderate climate with its low salt content enables optimal drying and cooling technology of the mining farm.

4. Considerably Smaller Market Cap Than Its Competition

The share capital structure of Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) is nothing like anyone has seen in the cryptocurrency arena! At current levels Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) is much lower than many of its competitors.

Even with the amount of capital raised for operations over the last few months, the majority of shares & warrants from fundraising efforts have a lock up period, which makes for a huge advantage for those watching Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) at the ground floor.

This means that revenue production compared to market cap and EBITDA could potentially be at such an undervalued level, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) will be well positioned to buid sound shareholder value.

Let’s also talk specifically about the amount of money being raised right now as not any company can come out and start raising tens of millions of dollars without having real potential. In fact, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has recently raised $14 million!

What companies do you know in their emerging stages that are able to do this without holding a huge value proposition for investors? The biggest driver for Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) is its access to the lowest cost of power readily available to power its mining operations.

5. Diversification Of Mining

Much of the competition that Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has will focus on mining single style tokens, which has mainly been bitcoin. The Atlas approach will be different and more diversified.

The company has clearly stated that it will be 70% dedicated to Bitcoin with 30% available for switching to mine most profitable alternative coins. With excellent infrastructure and access to additional property in Washington State, the expansion potential could monumental.

AKE Milestones

6. The McDonald’s Approach

Think of this for just a moment, the fast-food chain McDonald’s sells burgers and fries but their real business is in real estate. Their approach is simple, own the land, tools, and buildings that they lease to franchisees, collect rent, royalties, and opportunity to resell the land later on for additional revenue.

The facts are the facts: In the United States, the average cost per KW/h is 4 times that of what Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) is spending right now. There could be a huge opportunity for Atlas to not only save thousands if not millions of dollars in underlying operating costs for mining but it could also present an opportunity for the company to actually resell their power!

At $0.03 per KW/h, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) could charge 100% markup and still save average Americans 50% on the cost of power!

Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) is far more than just another cryptocurrency mining company and the street has just started to see this as a ground floor opportunity

The Opportunity Ahead – Learning From Experience

Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has just begun to trade in the US and what has happened with other cryptocurrency stocks could be the writing on the walls for what’s to come. Keep in mind that it is harder to compare Atlas to these companies for the sheer fact that its largest cost, power, is more than 50% lower in some cases than its immediate competition.

MGT Capital Investments (MGTI)

One of the more colorful figureheads in the industry has a hand in this company, John McAfee. He’s long been a supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. His support has helped spawn an entire generation of users believing in the potential that digital currency holds.

The company’s focus is entirely on mining and building out a large operation comprised of thousands of bitcoin mining rigs. Despite the fact that the company owns no power supply and has to consider this in their cost structure, MGT Capital now trades over 600% higher than it was just a few months ago after topping the charts at more than $8 per share!


Riot Blockchain (RIOT)

It was only in October the company changed its symbol (and name) to reflect the new direction. Since then, the cryptocurrency mining company has managed to run to highs of nearly $50 per share within just a few short months.


Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HIVE:CC)

Hive was one of the first blockchain companies to trade on the traditional market exchange. The company owns a state-of-the-art GPU-based cryptocurrency mining facility located in Iceland with low energy costs. The company has helped to open investors’ eyes to the opportunity in this market but like many other mining companies, it has fallen pray to power consumption costs.

Though their location is lower in temperature, in comparison to Atlas Cloud, the 9 cents per KW/h that HIVE has to pay in Iceland are almost three times as expensive. Even with this being the case, investors can clearly see how this segment could offer some of the biggest opportunity to profit from the cryptocurrency boom as Hive managed to run more than 800% this year alone to trade at levels of more than $6.77CAD!


Clearly, investor demand is dictating the growing need for the next undervalued cryptocurrency sector breakout. Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) has everything that these companies have and then some. The drastic discount to power that Atlas has obtained will by far have one of the biggest impacts when it comes to net profits!

No End In Sight For Cryptocurrency: Japan…A Case Study For Complete Adoption

A big tipping point for the future will rely heavily on the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in every day life. This is already beginning to happen with Bitcoin in places like Japan and other countries in Asia.

The country has become a hotbed of sorts for a Bitcoin economy. Earlier this year, Japan started to recognize Bitcoin as a legal form of payment within its economy and allows people to purchase goods and services via cryptocurrency. Since Japan recognized Bitcoin and blockchain as forms of “fintech,” the hope for the economy is to see resurgence in spending.

Takuya Fukumoto, director of industrial finance in the economy, trade and industry ministry, explains:

We’re hoping that fintech will change economic and corporate activity.

Japan has embraced the crypto movement and Bitcoin trade accounts for nearly half the global trade volume. This is compared to only 25% in the US. Over 4500 use bitcoin hereretailers allow purchases using Bitcoin as a form of payment. Electronics stores, department stores, and even restaurants are now accepting Bitcoin from their customers. There are even Bitcoin ATM’s in use for people to top off their digital wallets.

It’s obvious that the early adopters of this trend, the Bitcoin that has been accumulated from customers making purchases earlier this year could have given a huge boost to their business bank accounts already.

Since April, Bitcoin’s price has risen over 1,600% and of course any Bitcoin in reserve that came from sales of goods and services is now worth 16 times more than it was at the original time of purchase.

Companies in the United State could take a few pointers at this point because it appears that it has been a profitable strategy for Japan’s businesses to benefit from on several angles: profit from sales and continue to profit from the price of Bitcoin.

2018 Could Be The Tipping Point

Though people like Janet Yellen have said that Bitcoin is not a stable store of value or constitute legal tender, for the US at least, it would appear that other economies of scale are saying otherwise by their actions. The central bank for central banks has even stated that cryptocurrencies can’t be ignored any longer especially at the rate of growth that they’re seeing this year.

wired_magazine_blockchainThey’ve even gone as far to say that they will have to think about making a decision whether or not it would make sense for them to issue their own cryptocurrencies at some point.

“Bitcoin has gone from being an obscure curiosity to a household name,” the Bank of International Settlements said. A case for central banks would be to issue their own currencies and control the level of supply to make their own infrastructure for cryptocurrency economies.

Things are already beginning to happen for governments as well. An example of this would be the Dutch central bank, which to better understand the system, has made its own cryptocurrency.

Even though it has been for internal use only, the fact remains that there are governments beginning to explore some options. Aside from this, companies like Square Inc. and even figureheads like PayPal co-founder Max Levchin are openly beginning to support further progress with digital currency ecosystems.IBM BlockchainDue to the significantly lower energy costs , Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) appears to undervalued when compared to its peers. This comes at a time when US investors are just starting to catch wind of this early opportunity. It also comes when cryptocurrencies are gaining the attention of a global audience!

Why Now Is The Time To Look At Atlas Cloud

Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) is trading in one of the hottest markets in history and has already factored in several key assets to its business model that other companies simply ignored. Its proximity to the Grand Coulee Dam, the largest power station in the United States, gives the company immediate accesses to electricity at approximately $0.03/kWh, which is some of the world’s cheapest power.

Electricity costs are one the key profitability differentiators and Atlas is positioned to potentially become one of the lowest cost and most profitable mining operations in North bitcoin investment opportunityAmerica.

Furthermore, the company isn’t just purchasing rigs; they are buying the locations that they will be mining out of. By owning its own property and facility, Atlas has the flexibility and stability to completely control its operations and maximize returns of mined cryptocurrencies by holding these mined assets in inventory.

On top of this, Atlas Cloud Enterprises (OTC:ATLEF) (CSE: AKE) (XFRA: A49) aims to execute a proposed 1,700 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) machine expansion in 2018 and a further increase to 2,550 in the near term.

At its existing facility, Atlas has the ability to scale up from 3.0MW to 5.0MW. If the writing were going to be on the walls, now could be that time to start “reading between the lines”.

The question you have to ask yourself is this: if you missed Hive’s run to over $6, if you missed MGT’s run to over $8, and if you missed Riot Blockchain’s rise to nearly $50 per share within just a few months, are prepared to miss the next opportunity that the cryptocurrency industry presents you?

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