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Smart Investors Read Between the Lines & Connect The Dots

Thursday afternoon (May 10) Sothi Thillairajah, the CEO of Block One Capital (BKPPF) (BLOK.V) held the company’s very first corporate conference call in the history of Block One Capital, Inc begin a public company. To the average investor, these corporate calls are typically mundane and for such a young company it wouldn’t be out of the question to expect a simple conference call that goes over the company’s history and hitting on all of the main W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why.

For the most part, the conference call accomplished all the above and if you weren’t paying attention, you would come away understanding the gist of what Block One Capital (BKPPF) (BLOK.V) is, what they’ve done, and what they’re looking to accomplish.

That’s all great as it puts you in a position of “You Are Here”. But there were several KEY THINGS mentioned on the call that you should fully be made aware of because like we said, unless you were paying close attention and had a full grasp of Block One going into this call, you more than likely missed it (and could miss out on something big).

  1. Finzat & Some BIG NEWS

Sothi touched on the Finzat investment in detail.  He gave a full synopsis of how Block One got involved, the management team behind it, the laundry list of achievements that the team had accomplished (minutes 40:00 to 41:42), and he gave away some “easter eggs” (those things you might overlook but when you identify them, it’s an eye opener).

What secrets exactly? Well, it was quick on the call but Mr. Thillairajah explicitly stated that Finzat is in the process of doing some BIG THINGS. In fact, he stated that within the current quarter, the company should be making key deals that the public will hear about (minute 42:16).  More specifically he said that he would EXPECT that Finzat would announce new deals within the coming WEEKS (minutes 42:18 to 42:35)!

He also said that when these announcements are made,  Finzat will be in a position to raise capital for their growth at a valuation “significantly higher than Block One’s entry point”(minutes 43:10 to 43:30). Was he supposed to reveal this? Who knows but now we know that according to the CEO of Block One Capital, Finzat could be setting the stage for something big RIGHT NOW and preparing to announce those deals within weeks (not months)! This is also not to mention that Finzat is on track for a possible registered token offering later this year (minutes 43:40 to 44:40).

  1. TG12 & Strategic Planning – A BIG Splash for Block One Capital

Something that Mr. Thillairajah went into detail about was the recent deal that the company made with Hashchain Technology Inc. Against popular opinion, BKPPF | BLOK.V didn’t necessarily “get out” of the cryptocurrency mining industry as some may have thought.  The key to pay attention to is HOW the deal was struck, WHO will have control of TG12, and WHY this deal was structured in the particular way that could benefit Block One.

Hashchain Technology paid for TG12 in the form of stock, and A LOT of it.  In fact, this deal with HashChain allows Block One to receive 8.9 million HashChain Shares and gain exposure to HashChain’s greater anticipated operating scale . And this is what the deal is about: SCALE & Core Competence (minutes 34:05 to 35:53). Certainly, Block One Capital was able to obtain roughly 1000 mining rigs but as an investment company, the business model is to do just that; invest.  Block One found an opportunity to identify a company that could better utilize the TG12 asset, option it to boost the scale of the operation, and in turn, profit.

Now Block One has not only leveraged this asset to gain nearly 9 million shares of Hashchain but they also gain exposure to this scaling model, which could payoff handsomely if and when Hashchain fully executes on its plan. Keep in mind that following this transaction, there will be a reported total of 4,870 Rigs, which is equivalent of approximately 7 megawatts to mine cryptocurrencies.  If revenue generation means increased shareholder value, then Block One could be strategically aligned to benefit from Hashchain in both the short and long term time frames.

  1. Shopin – Just the first of possibly MANY ICO Profit Opportunities

If you’ve been following along, you already know that Block One (BKPPF) (BLOK.V) has received a USD $750,000 allocation in the oversubscribed presale of Shopin, one of the bigger ICO’s out there right now. To date it has generated roughly $42.5 million in allocation value!

But did you know that because of the amount of money Block One allocated, the company is set to receive a 66% BONUS on their initial allocation amount (minute 53:38)? Not just that but Mr. Thillairajah also stated that there will be another round for the Shopin token which will have a price that is somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 times HIGHER than the value that Block One received in its early allocation (minutes 54:04 to 54:42)!

Could this be the perfect scenario? Not only do they receive 66% MORE tokens without having to pay extra but presumably the next round for Shopin could set the tone for its value to be 2.5 to 3.5 times HIGHER than the amount paid by Block One. When was the last time you invested in something and it was automatically up 66% (referencing the 66% bonus in tokens)? And when was the last time you invested in something where the next round of investors essentially paid 250-350% higher than what you paid? This could be the exact case that Block One is in, with shareholder value being at the center of the entire deal…remember that this is just for the Shopin piece of this puzzle.

  1. OMAAT – This isn’t About Rainforests (only)

Block One previously announced that it acquired up to 40% of OMAAT LTD. dba CUIPO. Now, we haven’t really heard too much more about this since the announcement was made but in our opinion, this could be like finding out Ray Crock was turning McDonald’s into the world’s biggest real estate company BEFORE anyone else caught on. Let’s explain:

On the surface, CUIPO has a very “feel good” story.  CUIPO specializes in developing technologies and infrastructure to save and protect endangered lands. But Sothi Thillairajah sees a much bigger vision, which in turn could create an even BIGGER opportunity for Block One.

The idea behind CUIPO’s “One Meter at a Time” has to do with a business model to help preserve the Rainforest utilizing a large natural land reserve. You’re probably still asking why this could be such a big deal. In our opinion, the “Big Deal” comes when you figure out that this, as Mr. Thillairajah stated, is the tokenization of real estate (minutes 48:47 to 49:02)…are you starting to connect the dots yet?

Multiple revenue streams are generated through consumer land ownership; the launch of a proprietary cryptocurrency, product licensing, monetization of carbon assets and offsets, educational gift card products, global event and festival sponsorship opportunities and creation and management of Corporate Social Responsibility services, for medium to large enterprises…now, we know that Block One already has Finzat built for the mortgage industry. Could this be a play to leverage both investments and turn one arm of Block One into a real estate power house that utilizes both blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency to generate new revenue opportunities? Like we said, this OMAAT investment could be about much more than just rainforests and we feel that due to the fact that Sothi could not speak on it too much more in detail because he doesn’t “want someone else running with the idea”(minute 48:18), there could be a number of opportunities that the company could take advantage of.

Let’s Sum It Up

As we said, if you were just nonchalantly hanging out on the conference call Thursday afternoon, you may have just assumed that this was a “state of the union” update by the company’s CEO but we think that there were some serious Easter Eggs left right out in the open for smart investors to find.  These were things that were said by the company’s CEO specifically and we don’t need to tell you about hearing things from the horse’s mouth.

The fact that there could be some real, big things on the near-term horizon makes us think that Block One Capital (BKPPF) (BLOK.V) should be something to keep tabs on especially this quarter.  If you missed the conference call or want to go back through and find these Easter Eggs yourself, click the link below and access the full re-play of the call.

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