Breakthrough Security for the $200 Billion Cryptocurrency Market


Cryptocurrency. It sounds like something Ian Fleming thought up for one of his James Bond thrillers. But the reality is that cryptocurrency is now a $200 billion global market. It’s not esoteric or exotic—cryptocurrency has gone mainstream and it’s rapidly growing. Bitcoin, the market leader, launched in 2009 and is now joined by thousands of other crypto-currencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Monero.

The mammoth popularity of Bitcoin has given rise to related technologies to keep up with analyzing the mass of real-time data. Blockchain technology—the public ledger of all transactions—is one of the hottest areas of interest. Affiliated technologies just can’t keep up with the pace of growth. It has become a big data problem with a major hurdle: the data is encoded in a way that makes typical search and analytic technologies obsolescent. The company that can wrestle this tiger—that is, the one that can quickly and securely verify critical business information—stands to transform the $4.7 trillion fintech market.

Lots of eyes are dependent on Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, TSX:BIGG:CNX), An industry disruptor, BIG has developed the technology to give financial services, law enforcement, and governments the leg up on cyber-criminal activity.

The cryptocurrency market is begging for security

 About $125M worth of illegal activity occurs per day using Bitcoin

Where there is big money, there is always the temptation for theft, price manipulation, sale of illicit goods, money laundering, and Ponzi schemes. It’s as true with cryptocurrency as it is with hard cash. Financial institutions, exchanges, governments, regulators, and law enforcement are scrambling to mitigate criminal behavior on the nascent cryptocurrency digital transaction platform.

Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, TSX:BIGG:CNX) has its sights set on providing intelligent tools to meet the regulatory requirements around AML (Anti-Money Laundering), OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) and KYC (Know Your Client) – of which every major bank spends an average of $49 million annually*. This is only going to get bigger as cryptocurrency usage grows (think Bitcoin and Ethereum) and more cryptocurrencies are created. (*source: Thompson Reuters)

The total value of Bitcoin transactions is expected to exceed $92 billion this year, up from less than $27 billion in 2015.

—Juniper Research June 4th 2016

Bitcoin… account[s] for over 40% of all identified criminal-to-criminal payments.

—Europol research: The Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) 2015

It’s simple to see: there’s a torrent of financial transactions across the globe every minute of every day. And who’s making sure they are legitimate?

One Company, Three Powerful Tools

Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, TSX:BIGG:CNX) has its eye set on being the world’s premier provider of blockchain search and data analytics. Its user audience ranges from fintech and e-commerce to law enforcement and government agencies—they all need reliable security software for cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain.

Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, TSX:BIGG:CNX) has developed three powerful search and Big Data analytics tools—BitRank, QLUE, and BlockBits—that have the potential to transform cryptocurrency transaction security.

  • (Qualitative Law Enforcement Unified Edge)
    • What it does: Provides law enforcement officers with access to advanced search algorithms to detect suspicious transactions, and other activities used by criminals to cover illegal activity.
    • Why it’s important: Law enforcement has an urgent need to accurately trace, analyze, and monitor worldwide transactions on the crypto-currency blockchain. With BIG’s QLUE, investigators can literally “follow the virtual money” against money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism financing, and other crimes.
  • “BitRank Verified”
    • What it does: A “risk score” for Bitcoin digital wallets that allows banks, exchanges, and e-commerce sites to meet traditional regulatory/compliance requirements. Think of it along the lines of a FICO credit score or a Dun & Bradstreet rating.
    • Why it’s important: Enables financial institutions, exchanges, e-commerce sites, and retail outlets to assess the risk and legitimacy of a potential Bitcoin transaction. With cryptocurrency, there’s not much time to figure out if a transaction should be accepted—parties need to move quickly and accurately.
    • What it does: Provides companies and independent application developers with API access to BIG’s global search clusters for quick data look ups.
    • Why it’s important: Yields actionable data that is vital to organizations that must maintain large amounts of accurate sector data. Think of it as Google for the cryptocurrency market. 

BIG’s proprietary technology gets strong market reception

BIG’s technology is already in the pilot stage with homeland security agencies, treasury departments, and major banks. And that’s just the tip of interest. Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, TSX:BIGG:CNX) is also in discussions with U.S. and international government agencies and financial groups. And right now, BIG is rolling out its global network of search nodes targeting major financial centers and key Bitcoin cities.

“What you just did in 2 minutes with your software took me 3 hours.”

—US Postal Inspector, Seattle, WA

Not play money—real, tangible returns

BIG is an opportunity to get into a company with huge potential. Some stocks are already past their prime for exponential returns, but BIG is just getting started.

  • Bitcoin Investment Trust [GBTC], with a basket of cryptocurrency investments, has a market cap of $1.156 billion today. An early entrant into the cryptocurrency market, GBTC launched in May 2005 at $53/shr and now hovers around $650 and $700/shr—that’s more than a 1220% ROI!
  • Expanse [EXP], a more recent player within the cryptocurrency market, has a market cap of over $14 million. EXP started trading at $0.14/shr in September 2015. Just over 2 years later, the stock is trading at $1.79 a share—an outstanding 1180% return.
  • HIVE Blckchn Tch Rg [HIVE]: HIVE Blockchain, which operates in the blockchain infrastructure space, has a market cap around $600 million. The stock started trading at $1.82 a share in September 2017 and less than 3 months later –in November 2017—was already at $4.71/shr.
  • Blocknet [BLOCK]: which offers blockchain infrastructure, has a market cap just over $100 million. BLOCK started trading 3 years ago in November 2014 at $0.08 a share. Block hit an all time high of $31.57 a share in the year’s third quarter. That is a 39,400% increase in less than 3 years, or an average of 13,100% per year. As of this writing, BLOCK is trading at $27.43/shr.

Even Goldman Sachs is giving cryptocurrency broad market validation.

“With the total value at nearly $120 billion, it’s getting harder for institutional investors to ignore cryptocurrencies…. Real dollars are at work here and warrant watching, especially in light of the growing world of initial coin offerings (ICOs).”

—Robert D. Boroujerdi, Goldman Sachs Analyst

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is the fifth-most active corporate blockchain investor, with involvement in four companies focused on the distributed-ledger technology since 2012.

[Source: report by tech researcher CB Insights.

What PayPal [PYPL] did by providing a dependable infrastructure for e-commerce, Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, TSX:BIGG:CNX) stands to do for cryptocurrency. PayPal now has a market cap of $90 billion!

Nothing else as BIG in the market

The long-term use and health of crypto-currencies are dependent upon secure and legitimate transactions. Fintech, exchanges, e-commerce, and retailers have a pressing need to make quick and accurate decisions. Government agencies and law enforcement have a mission to gather critical evidence on those who would perpetrate crimes and connect criminals with their transactions.

Blockchain Intelligence Group (OTC:BBKCF, TSX:BIGG:CNX) provides the most advanced and feature-rich tools available today to validate and track the movement of funds. The potential for a leader to emerge in this space is BIG. There’s simply too much money riding on cryptocurrencies to ignore this urgent worldwide security need


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