bitcoin price rise

A new report has come out showing how the cryptocurrency market may be able to recover and end up coming back even stronger after the most recent selloff has left many crypto’s at all-time low prices. The past few months have seen a large amount of bullish investors come into the market in an attempt to make a large profit off of the high amount of returns that have been characteristic with cryptocurrencies.

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After the options for futures came into the space around a month ago, the market suspiciously has been in a free-fall ever since, with many stating that it is in control from a few top executive looking to make some quick money. What some are viewing as a healthy correction, has seen some of the top cryptocurrencies in the world with double digit losses, sustained in a very short period of time. Bitcoin still remains the largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of around $137 billion dollars. This means that it still has a large amount of control on the prices of most other cryptocurrencies.

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With numerous factors affecting the price of cryptocurrency such as the looming threat of regulation, many have wondered at what point the market will be able to bounce back. Many industry leaders think that bitcoin may have reached its limit in terms of what it can offer to the broader market. All of the recent news that has come out has done nothing but affirm that fact. Many investors believe that this is a healthy correction for a market that is still very much in its infant stages, but others believe that this could be the opening for other, newer technologies to come into the space. The hopes are high that the crypto world can bounce back from this most recent crypto-crash.


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