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As the CEO of Ripple and former Hightail CEO, Brand Garlinghouse has amassed quite a fortune for himself. Given that he currently has a 6.3% stake in Ripple, the company is worth almost $95 billion. This leads Garlinghouse to quite a hefty networth that many thought would not be possible in the crypto world. According to a new report “Though Ripple controls 61.3 billion XRP, holdings that total $95 billion in value, Ripple’s own venture capitalists value the company at only $410 million.

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Like so many operators on this list, it’s his personal stash of XRP coins, confirmed “in the nine figures,” that gets him here.” Garlinghouse has been in the forefront of the news as one of the largest figures in the crypto world. Given that many companies in the crypto space are dedicated to privacy, many do not have any public figures or faces to present. Ripple is the opposite. Brad Garlinghouse has made sure that he has cemented a place for himself in the business of crypto but also in the public eye of the industry. Garlinghouse is currently looked at as one of the major players in the crypto market, and it does not look like it will be changing any time soon.

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A new report shows that Garlinghouse has a net worth in the 9 figure range, which puts him in an elite range of net worth individuals. With the market on cryptocurrency relatively still in its infant stages, most people assumed that this amount of net worth could not be made in the crypto world. As the industry is able to grow substantially in the next couple of years, the hopes are high that more individuals will be able to continue creating such promising technology similar to Ripple.


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