Chubu Electric Power Co, which happens to be the third-largest electricity provider in Japan, is clearly coming out as one of the first top companies globally to conduct tests on the promising Bitcoin payments technology. This shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise and that is in close consideration of the fact that this company has been one of those that have usually set themselves abreast with the various changes sweeping across the market, as well as leveraging on the latest technological advancements towards developing an edge over rivals.

The recent move by Chubu electric to enter the proof-of-concept with Nayuta has been praised by several market analysts. They believe the world is headed to the right direction considering that we are headed to a place wher quite a large number of people will be able to make the bitcoin payments via the Lightening Network.

Chubu takes great pride in the fact that it has been able to accomplish quite much since its establishment. That tells quite much regarding the steps the business giant has managed to make over time and it also gives the preview about its future going forward.

Asides from that, it also boasts of being the owner of over 200 power generation facilities and in this particular line it is worth noting that it is currently using Lightning to prototype a new way that would make it possible for the various customers to make payments so that their electric vehicles could be charged.

Chubu and Nayuta have been quite busy in the recent past and one of the undertakings has been to make a demo of their work. They managed to showcase how a Lightning payment could be sent to an electric vehicle charger.


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