This Company Could Be A True First Mover: (BLKCF) Update

With over $60 million raised to date, as well as the leadership of a world-class team of industry pioneers, BLKCF believes that it is and will continue to be an important first-mover, carrying out its business plans, each of which intend on creating significant, rapid and lasting value for shareholders and having a major impact on the emerging importance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for governments, industries, businesses, and individuals globally.


Japan Based Rakuten Is Set to Unveil Its Own Cryptocurrency

Rakuten, an eCommerce Giant based in Japan, has decided to introduce the Cryptocurrency on its own. The cryptocurrency – Rakuten Coin is based on the distributed ledger – Blockchain. The market cap of Rakuten is estimated at more than $12.5 billion.


Launch of LitePay Service Turns Out To Be A Partial One Resulting In Much Speculation

Quite a large number of people had invested much confidence in the LitePay service holding on to the fact that it was the presumed ticket for greatness for Litecoin. The passage of time is slowly proving everyone wrong and that is in close consideration of the fact that the unveiling of the service according to sources will be only partial.


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