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This One Cryptocurrency Mining Company Has Started To Rally

Blockchain technology, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple; these are words that are constantly being reported on. What was once thought of as a fad has now started to grab the ear of some of Wall Street’s biggest investors. A small investment of $100 less than 10 years ago is now worth tens of millions of dollars today! And now opportunity could be knocking again for those looking companies who are mining for emerging cryptocurrencies!

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How Taxes and Cryptocurrency are Getting to Know Each Other

Cryptocurrency investors have grown in numbers by a substantial amount over the past year or so, with many just getting in given the high publicity of the market. A new report has come out detailing how taxes will be able to play a role in the near future of cryptocurrency investing. Back in 2014, the IRS or Internal Revenue Service, issued some guidelines as to how taxpayers will be able to pay taxes on capital gains for their cryptocurrency. The rules are as follows.

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How Cryptocurrency is Reaching Millennials

Cryptocurrency has been at the forefront of the news for quite some time now. With many investments giving back in the tens to hundreds of percents, there’s no question why it has become so popular. One of the unknown things in the industry remains, why so many of the individuals in the industry are millennials? Cryptocurrency has become for many, the investment of a lifetime. With many investors making back huge sums of money, it can often be quite a life changing investment. The biggest barrier to entry for those looking to get into the industry is the fact that the learning curve is quite high. The best way to become a part of the industry has proven to be being young.

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