Mining malware hacks have lately infiltrated, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Fire software as well as the wide range of the Android devices. It is a matter that has compelled a mining equipment company CEO to come out to address the various matters that were raised. He said that the issues raised were not in any way representative of the massive industry.

Recent developments

The official made it known that anytime soon the London Stock Exchange (LSE) was going to list more of the crypto mining companies. It was yesterday that the ADM.Miner app was located on Android platforms such as Amazon Fire TV. Sources indicate that the hardware played a crucial role in the mining process of the cryptocurrencies.

The app had been exploiting systems which fundamentally had the developer options enabled. Sources indicate that a major proportion of the processing power could be utilized by the app within quite a short period of time and that was what resulted in the software crushing.

CEO complains about the industry’s misrepresentation

The CEO of EasyCryptoHunter who is at the same time an avid altcoin miner Josh Riddlett is unhappy about the fact that the cryptocurrency community is being seen in a negative light.

He believes that it is wrong misrepresenting the huge industry which has the potential to climb higher and benefit the world a great deal. He said that it was agonizing that the same has been going on for over quite a long period of time and was going to continue until something is done about it.

Argo Blockchain has also outlined that it will soon engage in a fundraiser that will have it generate about £20 million ($26.8 million).It is looking forward to becoming the  first crypto miner on the LSE, but that is something that we will just have to wait and see. It is expected that the company will end up being valued at almost £40 million ($53.5 million).

Market experts agree on the point that there isn’t really a strong correlation between Bitcoin mining and price increase, but it is worth noting that this is still an ongoing debate.


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