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Investing in Cryptocurrencies

With the invention of Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies, investments have been reaching into the millions. Bitcoin has been described by some as one of the best investments since the dot com boom with opportunities reaching new highs everyday. The market cap of Bitcoin and a few other popular cryptocurrencies has already reached around $100 billion. This takes cryptocurrency into the main sphere of investing.

Since many have become successful of ICOs or initial coin offerings, many more are trying to get the same returns. Bitcoin is still a solid investment, but in the market currently are hundreds of various cryptocurrencies which are often referred to as “altcoins”. Since they are newer and new to the market as a whole, they often will provide better opportunities for quick and high percentage gains. The only issue is trying to predict which coins will be successful and maintain growth.

One of the first steps in investing is knowing when ICO’s are coming out. One website titled ‘ICOalert’ lets investors know when certain coins will be coming out to the public for sale. Other information is usually also listed amongst the coin info such as buy-in price, soft-cap and more.

ICOs have began to happen on the daily and many are starting to jump in. Robert Finch, the founder of ICOAlert stated that “ICO Alert has seen our amount of unique daily users double every 2 to 4 weeks. The growth is incredible, and validates our view that the community wants an unfiltered list of ICOs. ICO Alert remains the only free-to-list ICO website and the only comprehensive list of active and upcoming ICOs, so we expect the growth to continue.”

With the distribution and popularity of cryptocurrencies increasing on the daily, more and more are beginning to jump in at the possibility of large gains. Hopefully the bubble stays long enough to see some decent gains.



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