cryptocurrency mining

A new report has come out showing how those who use graphics cards for other processes than mining cryptocurrency could be at a disadvantage given that the market has responded so quickly to the increased demand from the crypto world. One of the main issues in the gaming community has been an incredibly large shortage in the availability of these types of graphics processing units. For the units that are around, the prices have gone through the roof, just showing how real supply and demand has an effect across a free market.

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The report states that the culprit for the high price of these devices is bitcoin and the lot of the cryptocurrency world. Since the beginning of the year, many individuals have heard of the high amount of news that has been written regarding the cryptocurrency industry. Because of this many individuals have decided to get into the crypto world that otherwise would not have. This has led to an increased amount of need for miners and subsequently, mining based computers. For those who don’t know, mining is the process in which transactions are put through on the blockchain network.

When a person puts a transaction into the system, a miner solves a computational problem, which usually takes quite a large amount of computing power. Once the problem is solved, the transaction is put through on the network, and the miner is rewarded with a certain amount of cryptocurrency. As the industry has become more popular, the amount of miners has increased drastically. Since the industry on cryptocurrency is relatively new, only time will tell what happens to the demand of these devices. In the short term, it looks as though many people might be out of luck when looking for a new graphics card.


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