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Cryptocurrency Prices Move As High As $170 Billion

The price of bitcoin cryptocurrency has now managed to see a rise above $4,700 for the second time to hit new all-time highs. Specifically, coin prices climbed as high as $4,747.15 after opening at about $4,630. This comes about one day after the price of bitcoin jumped to a level of $4,703. This price went well above the prices that the cryptocurrency saw during mid August on the eighteenth of the month.

The price of bitcoin, globally, is at an average of roughly $4,734. This equates to a gain of just over two percent. On top of this, data from the market also shows that the top ten cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalizations are echoing the same sentiment as bitcoin. All are observing price increases. Ether, for example, which is a cryptocurrency on the ethereal network, trades around $380 right now. This price is below its all-time highs reported in June but the gains are higher than what was recorded earlier this week.

IN combination across the industry, price gains have helped to boost the total sum of market capitalization to over one hundred seventy billion dollars for the very first time.

This latest move could signal real opportunity for the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


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