litecoin mining

The newest method of revenue generation is something referred to as cryptocurrency mining. Beginning on the website; The Pirate Bay, this renegade method of making money is taking the world by storm.

The company Coinhive initially started by offering a Javascript that would mine the currency, Monero. This quickly became extremely popular as people realized the potential this method has to make money. Companies have now begun to pop up including Crypto-Loot, MineMyTraffic, and JSEcoin, which have helped to proliferate the market on cryptocurrency mining. One company known as OTAMate (a company that developed over-the-air update software for mobile devices) has stated that having more companies like this will help to shut down the monopoly that some sites have on generating revenue. Google and Facebook reportedly earn over half of all advertising revenue generated online, while sales for other smaller companies have fallen drastically over the course of a few years.

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The pros to in-browser mining are very straightforward and sho that there are many positives to the technology. One of the main problems with this is that some companies are doing it without the users consent. This leads the user’s computer to have a slower processing unit as the majority of the computer’s processing power is going to mining. When this first became popular, many people quickly became frustrated as they did not know why their computers suddenly became extremely slow. In order for this technology to work in a wide range of markets, the user will have to be able to agree to this before it just occurs. If that can happen, cryptocurrency mining will hopefully become one of the easiest and best ways for a company to generate revenue without using advertising within the site.


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