millennial bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has been at the forefront of the news for quite some time now. With many investments giving back in the tens to hundreds of percents, there’s no question why it has become so popular. One of the unknown things in the industry remains, why so many of the individuals in the industry are millennials? Cryptocurrency has become for many, the investment of a lifetime. With many investors making back huge sums of money, it can often be quite a life changing investment. The biggest barrier to entry for those looking to get into the industry is the fact that the learning curve is quite high. The best way to become a part of the industry has proven to be being young.

People in the 15-25 range tend to have a great knowledge of cryptocurrency given the technology that they grew up with. One of those millennial to make a large sum of money is Michael Graziano, the founder of Global Degree. He stated that “I’ve been to over 100 different countries and seen all different types of economies, people, and ways of life. Some of these countries’ databases are incredibly inefficient and outdated. Can you imagine what the world will look like when everyone’s on one database?” Blockchain technology has become the groundbreaking piece of tech for this new industry.

With many individuals just now learning how to get involved in the space, it seems like innovation is only poised to continue into the near future. The hopes are high that this large level of tech innovation and creation can continue regardless of the market, and that this new type of digital economy can continue to shape and reshape how we use money. As the market grows over time, the hopes are that it will stabilize.

Bitcoin Price & Blockchain Technology Have Investors Hungry For Opportunity


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