bitcoin investing

The incredible rise of bitcoin has led to an increased interest in the rest of the digital currency world. Other coins in the space are appropriately deemed as alternative coins or alt coins given that bitcoin has such a tight grasp on the market as a whole. The second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization known as Ethereum rose with an incremental gain as of Monday, November 27th, leading the space in gains.

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Ethereum is similar to bitcoin in the idea that it has its own blockchain technology. This allows for anonymous transactions to be conducted across the network without the need of any middle man such as a bank. The advantage to the network is that it supports other forms of currency and not just currency as well. The blockchain that Ethereum is based on supports what is known as smart contracts. Smart contracts are essentially computer programming based in the blockchain technology that allows for payouts to consumers only when conditions of a deal are met by both sides. This allows for a large amount of security when conducting business online. This can include the exchange of content, property, shares, or anything of value. Since there is a large amount of people who support Ethereum, the blockchain is growing at an exponential rate.

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The market on cryptocurrency has grown at an incredible amount given the increased amount of investor interest. With bitcoin spiking in growth and showing no signs of slowing down in the future, it doesn’t seem like the market will slow down any time soon. With many critics in the financial world attempting to discredit digital currency, there are many who are evidently against it. There is however, a massive amount of support from the public which will continue to drive interest in the market.


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