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Japan Exchange Report Highlights the use of DTL in Capital Markets

A new paper released by the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) provides insight on the use of distributed ledger technology (DTL) which makes it cheaper and more secure to operate global business. The report compares different types of distributed ledgers to prove its concepts, among them there are: Hyperledger Fabric, R3’s Corda and JPMorgans Quorum platform. The exchange group developed the paper to build on past reports and help companies become more profitable when performing transactions. JPX publishes unbiased cryptocurrency reports due to their sudden growth in the market. They also test applications on blockchain development to determine the implications of their operation in real life situations.

A Blockchain Technology Called The Ethereum Killer

The report also states all the difficulties associated with the implementation of DTL, the difficulties identified on the report include the limitations when using cryptography for confidential transfer of assets, it could be risky and affect the setting of blockchain nodes in the cloud.

Researches still need to work more on the DTL experiment but they recommend that financial institutions should base on capital markets solutions. New technologies on the financial service can helps with various practical needs therefore the reporter states that; “it is important that users provide feedback to the developers on practical needs”.


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