DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. and D-Link Canada have partnered to enhance the efficiencies of cryptocurrency mining as well as best practices for the crypto mining solutions.

D-link is a global leader in networking and communication products for SMB and Large Enterprise, while DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. is a diversified blockchain and cryptocurrency firm that manages, operates and develops end-to-end digital solutions to help monetize the blockchain network.

Industry experts from DMG together with a group of field engineers from D-Link are currently working towards the optimization of crypto mining networking, including network security, hash rate stability and switching performance.

Teams from both firms are working together to create a more reliable and profitable mining operation while using the best-practices as well as smart hardware choices.

The President of D-Link Canada Lou Reda said that crypto mining and extensive blockchain driven applications had become a growing trend in Canada and now around the world.

He further stated that they were privileged to partner with DMG Blockchain Solutions, which has given them the opportunity to enter the digital currency and blockchain industry and understand large-scale blockchain operation and its requirements.

Together, these two firms have been able to merge knowledge and work towards developing networking solutions to help enhance technical operations, which as a result increases the efficiency in any given blockchain application. This is common across various industries, whether it is a financial institution, medical or any other industry, as long as it uses blockchain distributed ledger as an original technology.

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. got into a partnership with D-Link Canada after review of the other competitive networking vendors and then concluded that D-Link Canada was the best company offering the first-class performance and market value.

COO and Director of DMG Sheldon Bennett said that D-Link Canada solution surpassed all of our requirements all through our testing. He further stated that other than having the right hardware for the job, they competed well regarding offering support, technical expertise and showing the willingness to work together to achieve the goals we were looking for which is building the most efficient large-scale mining operation in North America.


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