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The cryptocurrency market has been quite remarkable over the course of the past year or so. The most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization remains bitcoin, with almost 50% of the capital invested in crypto, in bitcoin. One of the largest issues with bitcoin continues to be the issue of scalability. The currency has a high transaction fee because of all those involved, which makes the fee on buying a cup of coffee, the same as transferring $100,000.

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This issue continues to be the main underlying reason that stores and transactions cannot fully transfer into bitcoin. One of the solutions to this problem continues to be alternative coins or alt coins. These alt coins serve as a different way to get involved in cryptocurrency with solutions to the problem of scalability and other benefits. One of the best of these alt coins, and coincidentally, the second highest market cap coin, is Ethereum. Ethereum uses a series of smart contracts, which is a way to essentially guarantee both parties are paid when the agreement of the transaction is met. Many investors are quickly becoming fed up with the high transaction fees associated with bitcoin, and therefore they are moving into the Ethereum space.

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Many investors have been quoted stating that they swear Ethereum is the future, and it remains quite an interesting currency. Ethereum has shown a dedication to innovation that is truly unmatched by any other currency in the space, and it continues to break down the barriers of what it means to be a cryptocurrency. With Ethereum, the issue of scalability is widely under control, and the transaction fees are minute when compared to bitcoin. The hopes are high that this new alternative cryptocurrency can become the way of the future, marking a new era for cryptocurrency.


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